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Explain Ferguson? Sure.

We'll keep it pithy - (by our standards anyways):

Ferguson is what happens when your civic "leaders" destroy their mandate and consent to operate.

The Police as a whole have worked very hard to emulate the gestapo over the last three decades. These days, they have more in common with the Stasi than "peacekeepers" inhabiting Norman Rockwell paintings. The cops squandered their capital in the tossing of flash-bangs into occupied baby cribs, prosecuting a meaningless "war on drugs," kicking in the wrong doors at three A.M., harassing gun owners and the indiscriminate shooting of every family Pomeranian that sniffs curiously in their general direction. These mall-ninjas have clad themselves in the weapons and armor of soldiers, acquired tanks and war vehicles of military utility, and time and time again, they are protected from any misdeeds by the lies of their brethren or the willing malfeasance of the courts.

This despotic behavior has eroded their legitimacy. The Police no longer have the support of the community - they have behaved like simple thugs too brazenly and too publicly for far too long - and done so in a near total void of accountability.

Pigs provided the fuel - stacked it high. The anger and resentment piled up like dried brush - and now it will be slaked with violence, destruction and flames. As always, base hooligans, provocateurs, looters and worse will be attracted to the orgy. But they are a simple parasites - flies and grubs drawn to the rotting carcase, and taking advantage of the situation like all good carrion feeders do.

Ferguson's riots are not an indictment of the shooting of a Brigand - a thug who was probably destined for prison - or even the pig who decided the he was "Billy-Badass" and summarily executed his attacker. A "grand-jury decision" didn't trash twenty-plus buildings. The burning city was a powder keg forged methodically over decades of abuse at the hands of it's "Law Enforcement," governance and Judicial System. It reached a point where any spark - even a wholly unjustified one - was going to set the fucker off.

A torched city only looks like disproportionate retribution if you fail to understand the long train of abuses and usurpations which proceeded the flames.

But watch the Political maggots dance - the corpse is still twitching - and already, the slimeballs in power are trying to divide and conquer. The Neo-Cons want you to break out the magnetic ribbons, and cheer on "The Brave Little Piggies(TM) fighting to keep you safe from the looters!" The Marxists want you screaming your hipster-douche-hat off in self-righteous rage over "The Death of an Unarmed Gentle Giant," (repeated with every bile-dripping ounce of sarcasm such vapidity deserves). Bullshit artists abound. After all... if they don't keep the serfs at one anther's throats... why... they might start to question the source rather than the symptoms of the issue.

Questions like:
- "Who enabled the amok courts and their stormtroopers?"
- "Why is so much shit even illegal in the first place?"
- "Where did the LEOs get all their wonderful toys?"
- "Why is the Grand Jury Process a D.A. run sham?"
- "Who's training the Police to role-play soldiers - and why?"
- "Who is enabling/encouraging generational poverty and thug culture?"
- "What is their motivation for doing so?"

Nope... can't have the rubes comparing notes and getting ideas about the possible proper application of stout rope and overpass signage...

Now... as for target selection... these stupid bastards would have to try to do worse. Ruinous idiocy, writ large. (Products of the American "Education" System?) One doesn't ruckus their own community - a smart insurgent torches the infrastructure that is being used to oppress him and support his oppressors. The court house... the police station... the banks. Does any serious person believe the pigs will "experience a teachable moment" while the local Chinese Restaurant burns to charred splinters?

Of course not.

Now... if the rioters where to flambe THE COPPER'S HOMES - while their wives and children run screaming into the night - well... one might be awestruck by how productive a little "personal accountability" could be when utilized as a learning aid.

It seems equitable enough on paper: Don't act like tyrannical Nazis, and nobody molotovs your four bedroom ranch.

PS: (Don't think some serious cats ain't watching all this and taking notes - plenty of missteps to rectify going forward - and lots of useful things to see and remember).