Politics & Rants

Not So Easily Broken

As we sit here pondering the darkly hilarious - if predictable - election results, we're going to throw up a twofer. First up, a motivational screed:

Remember to think local first folks. Your family, your friends and your neighborhood. Then your town. Then move on to your state. Then worry about the nation.

The jack-boots enforcing Mordor's edicts won't be feds, (for the most part). They'll be people within ten miles of you. Focus your energy there.

What? You imagined this would be like some fantasy movie, where the heroic general sweeps in and wins the war in one giant battle?

It took the globalist swine 100 years to reach this point. You were not going to overturn their machinations in one vote or ten votes. We'll have to break down their system the same way they broke apart ours - one cinder-block at a time, one sacrifice at a time. One fight after another. Doggedly, persistently, over several generations.

Know this: The sh*t-bags had to rip the velvet glove completely off the Iron Fist to get here. They spent every resource, every reserve and expended every last shred of political legitimacy they had to pull this off. And the victory far from stunning. They know in their black, curdled hearts that this is the best they could do - with maximum effort and near blanket control of mass communication. This is not a victory that will sit comfortably with the Prometheans.

PS: I smoked my cigar anyways. Losers roll-over-and-die. Re-purpose, re-group, and start training for the next fight. Melt-downs, shrieking, raving and wallowing in self-pity is for sh*t-lib gammas and bitches.

We're the men of the mother-fucking West.


Now that our little pep talk is over... let's have some fun.


A Man Ought to Enjoy His Work

We're thinking tis high time fer a wee-smidgen of "Irish Democracy." To paraphrase a comment Concerned American once made:

"...consider locating something red in your AO... and breaking it."
- Concerned American

The proper lens to view the FUSA through is as follows:

"Going forward, how can you gum up the works?"

Giant systems don't topple to grand acts of bedlam - not until they teeter with a foot in the grave at least. But what gets them to that point? Paper-cuts friends. Paper-cuts.

Wake up every single morning, with a light heart and a smile - then ask yourself:

"What have I done to fuck with the red team today?

It can be as simple as screwing with goons and minions, wasting their time and money, tying up phone lines, playing dumb, or being destructively incompetent at work. (Even better if you can shift the blame onto some pink-hair in Cube C). Or, if you're artistically inclined, you might elect to peruse some of those nifty PDF handbooks - you know... the pretty ones with the neato pictures they used to air-drop on Cuba!

We all love arts and crafts time!

It's November 5th, 2020 - what have you done to team red in the last twenty-four hours?

Enjoy your work...

Bringing these cocksuckers down is going to be fun. Enjoy wrecking their system as much as they relished ruining ours. Remember men - all of their horrid strengths are also their weaknesses.