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Update: Another Day, Another Person Murdered by Pigs.

You know, there are days when the police-apologists can go sit on a car antenna and spin - this is one of those days:

Subdued and Handcuffed Man Strangled to Death by Police.

He was selling... cigarettes. Illegal, (i.e. untaxed), cigar-fucking-ettes. This is what the police killed this man over.

Any silly people harboring fantasies that a swine's purpose is to protect them - or their property - should do a bit of homework - followed by a reevaluation of their misconceptions. Perhaps a few minutes perusing Warren v.s. D.C. ought to rectify any go-go-USA-bullshit they've choked down from their stupid-box.

Bluntly, the piggies are little more than strong-arm law enforcers, sadists with bonus civil-rights and tax-collectors for a financially and morally bankrupt oligarchy running the FUSA. Just because these badged deviants are enforcing LAW does not mean their often reprehensible actions equal JUSTICE. We shouldn't need to mention that nearly every horror-show perpetrated by a government on it's people in the last two-thousand years has been under the color of "law." (Martin Luther King Jr. had some stellar quotes to that end - we'll stop now however - before some slope-headed nimrod drags Goodwin's moldering corpse in from the dumpster out back.)

Whether they're shooting your pets into kibble, S.W.A.T. raiding the incorrect address, strangling subdued folks to death, or tossing flash-bangs into occupied baby cribs, the state's thugs are of three general flavors:

- Power tripping mall-ninja-wanna-be retards with more fire-power than brains.
- Unthinking and unquestioning law enforcing automatons grinding free people into dust.
- The genuine peace officers who shut their mouths and sit on their hands while the other two sorts run absolutely amok.
(Thin blue line and all that rot.)

All three varieties of pig are, (from our way of seeing the world), a clear and present threat to our social order and liberty.

It ain't "Mayberry" anymore kids. Andy Griffith died a long, long time ago... Ben Matlock is only interested in racking up convictions before next election... and Barney Fife as brain dead as ever - only now he has a fucking tank and two million dollars in DHS-grant tacti-cool-operator-wear.

It's gotten to where we'd sooner deal with drug-dealers than any cop these days. The meth-peddlers down on "the bad side" are at their core business men - and as such, are at least somewhat accountable for their behavior. A Smokey-Joe on the other-hand... well... he can fire indiscriminately into a New York City crowd*, hitting scores of innocents - and earn himself: - A dainty little paid vacation.
- Several months of easy desk work.
- A pile of interdepartmental fist-bumps.

(*Sound far fetched? This very pants-on-head-stupidity has happened not once... but TWICE in the last five years.)

Speaking candidly, a part of us can't wait for the cartels to start moving up north more. They have delightfully appropriate ways of making pigs accountable where and when the courts just flat won't anymore.

Trial by burn barrel? Fuck'em. They picked their side. Let'em harvest the coming tsunami.

Parting Advice From Uncle Hemp:

"Remember kids - there is no situation so utterly, wholly and irrevocably fucked, that you can't make it incalculably worse by involving a fat doughnut chomping fucking pig."
- HempRopeAndStreetlight

Update: 7/23/14 - They Don't Even Follow Their Own Rules When Stepping on Serfs...

Hat-tip to Concerned American of the Western Rifle Shooters Association for the photo.

Cops are killers

Questions? No? We thought not fellow Prole. So... what do you intend to DO about it?

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