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No Prog-bots, it's Still Our Turn - STFU, and Listen

The Execrable Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg news has quite a warbling screed about those of us exercising our gun-rights. She labors under the misconceived notion that the US Federal Government has the authority to take away that which was given to free men by right of natural law. We are only too happy to dispel the foppish harridan's misconceptions.

Therefore, we here at Deth H.Q. put our heads together and drafted our friend a little missive - nothing too much much really - just a paragraph or two spelling out the logical progression of events leading to her statist fantasy-world:

Cute Article - Now For the Rebuttal

Dear Margaret Carlson,

There is only one real question here Prog-Nazi: "How many of us gun-owners are you willing to kill to get our firearms?"

We won't surrender one more inch except over our cooling corpses - and make no mistake - there are millions that feel as we do. Your hoplophobia is no justification for stripping citizens of their God-given, constitutionally enumerated civil rights. (No matter how many poor dead children's graves your mercilessly play your totalitarian siren song from).

Ruminate on exactly how many of us you and your kind will have to massacre. Ponder it long and hard before you and your ilk start an Afghanistan style 4th generation civil-war stateside.

Let's get 100% hypothetical here - and we will explain how the civil war you think you want will play out:

Imagine if you will, Mexican cartel style "justice" dispensed towards the lower rungs of the government's goons and their loved ones. Your enforcers still have to live and sleep amongst the serfs after all. Do you think they will be in any way safe if they dutifully carry out the diktats of their federal masters? Ridiculous question - Of course they won't. And just like in Mexico, they will very rapidly stop enforcing the regulations and laws that end with their wives and children fueling burn barrels.

Lip service will be provided, and pure fear will keep them from enforcing anything - lest they come home to the burned out skeleton of their 20 year fixed, 1,000 SQFT Ranch.

Let's forget about the Law Enforcement Officers who most certainly will not carry out your orders - let's talk logistics.

War-game out the titanic nightmare of defending this nation's infrastructure... we can't imagine what would happen to the power lines, water towers, sewer mains, fiber-optic lines, dry forests, crops, utility and even cell towers if an insurgency starts here - can you? The government will face the impossible task of trying to keep the lights on and the water running while dealing with "merry bands of terrorists" armed not with IED's or firearms, but picks, shovels, bolt cutters, and hammers. The arms supplier of choice will not be the Eric Holder Justice Department, but Home Depot.

The "rough" old men that built this society will tar it out from under you. They built it, they can take it apart with half the effort, in the middle of the night, and still show up the next day, spry as ever for work.

Imagine the sobering possibility that as few as ten determined people could put large tracts of the entire State of New York in the dark for almost a year. Our infrastructure is antiquated, fragile, and hugely decentralized. Let's be blunt - It's falling apart. We suppose we don't need to remind you it takes a year to get a primary transformer built, shipped, and running again. What happens to a City and it's economy in the mean-while?

For our next amusing hypothetical thought exercise, let's discuss all the little Julius Streicher's in the media. The willing co-conspirators - no scratch that - conscripted foot-soldiers - in the war against liberty. Do you imagine they will be safe in 4th generational civil war?

Indeed, if you consider the rules of engagement instituted during the Bosnian war by Bill Clinton, it stands to reason that any Reporter, Journalist, Editor, Talking-head, or Propagandist is a legitimate military objective should they became apparatchiks for the government machine. Hypothetically speaking naturally. Of course, there's no shortage of examples, one only needs look to the Middle-East, various African Nations, Mexico, Asia, and Latin America to see the bodies dangling from overpasses. Being a state-sponsored propagandist will, in this scenario, become quite a dangerous vocation we'd imagine. Even more so after it ends.

Of course, our economy, like our infrastructure, is a tattered mess. We are leveraged to our eyeballs, and our social safety-net is nothing more than a herculean pile of unfunded liabilities and promises nobody has any intention of ever fulfilling. (Kept afloat by lies). What do you think happens to the value of our debt instruments if something destabilizing starts on the home front? Hrm? Do you think purchasers are going to perhaps, maybe want a bit more interest on there investment capital? Ask the good Dr. Krugman what happens when our interest rates are forced higher...

As the economy collapses, the government will have to either out-right repudiate the debt-load, or print fantastical amounts of Monopoly money to service it. Either action will have disastrous consequences for the "average person" on the street. The much maligned "low-info voter." "Joe-six-pack" might not comprehend squat about the committee process on capital hill, but he certainly understands when it costs him $15.00 to buy a value-meal with fries. Your supporters will turn on you when the coffers are bled dry. The progressive movement is, has, and always will be predicated on buying off their voting base, and when the bread and circuses come to a screeching halt - and they will after the economy dies - all the supplicant lap-dogs will tear apart their former masters.

Hopefully only metaphorically. For your sake anyways.

Naturally, this does not end with dancing munchkins, fluttering butterflies, orange sunsets, and happy songs. The nation will economically collapse, the government will lose control of whatever their military is not actively occupying, as it goes completely insolent, foreign actors will start meddling, (When that happens, the feds will have bigger things to worry about than little AR-15 poodle shooters), and it eventually all buckles under the strain of 10,000 paper-cuts.

We are staring at Balkanization, a break-down of the civil society, intermittent utilities, health services reduced to third world status, food shortages, water contamination, disease outbreaks not normally seen North of Guam, and financial ruin. Not to mention the millions of people that will die in all of it. The nation will never be re-unified in our lifetimes. It will be an ungovernable mass of warring city-states pissing on each other for decades.

It will he bad. Biblical bad.

But you know what?

As horrible as the Holocaust you think you want will be - as terrible as the word "war" is, it's only the second worst word in language.

Right after Slavery.

You and your kind seek to make slaves of free men, and we will have none of it - no matter the cost in treasure, wealth, and blood. We speak for millions.

Think long and hard about what you're after. You'd kill millions to - maybe - save a few score each year. You can't have one more inch. Not one more foot of ground will be yielded. Anything more is utterly unacceptable.

The Patriots of America.

PS: Perhaps you need to crawl out of your echo-chamber and pay attention to what people are saying and preparing for:

"The American people have not purchased every single militarily significant firearm made in the last 100 years because they intend to hand them over," Mused Bob Owens. He's right. The only way the totalitarians infesting the government and the media are getting those guns is hot, dirty, and empty.

Are you prepared to go all the way to get your perfect-world?

PPS: Exit Question: It seems to us, every time you Progressives put your six brain-cells together and attempt to construct Utopia, it always comes out looking like the 34th strata of hell. Why do you suppose that is?
- The Deth Guild

'Nuff Said.