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Jazz Shaw: Establishment Sockpuppet - Update 7/20/1

Hat-tip Bill Quick at Daily Pundit:

Here comes the establishment Neo-Cons trying to put a dent in Trump... and failing...

Trump crosses one red line too many, declares John McCain "not a war hero"

"Speaking only as one veteran who survived absolutely nothing compared to Senator McCain, I will close with a simple message. Goodbye, Mr. Trump. Your little show has been entertaining to say the least and, in your own way, you spurred some aspects of the national debate which needed a boost. But the sooner you exit the stage the better. You shall have no vote from me in any election, primary or general."
- The Worthless Chamber of Commerce Dildo Receptacle, Jazz Shaw

The interesting thing here is not the now coordinated attacks coming en-mass from the panicking RePubicon establishment, (which is suffering a histrionic melt-down), but the comments. Oh the comments.

Start with page one, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show... this is pure bliss folks:

The only people defending McWeenie are paid plants, editor's sockpuppets and the truly lost. Unfortunately, their paid-shilling is being drown out by a tsunami of the enraged - people who've had their absolute fill of shit-burgers and wife-beatings. Folks who've been trashed for decades by the snotty assholes infesting the Republican Party - and people who ain't too keen of John "Hates-de-Hobbits" McWeenie either.

That smell? Urine mixed with Horror and impotence:

"Nothing is sticking! Why is nothing sticking!!! Holy shit! Somebody get me El Chappy or Chapo or what the fuck ever - short drug guy!!! NOW!!!!!"
- Reince Priebus

Sadly, (or not...), for this establishment torpedo attempt, McWeenie is nearly as popular as advanced typhus - and a quarter as enjoyable. Instead of "the hobbits" raging and stomping off... their reaction has been somewhat... dismaying to those on the receiving end of multi-million dollar Chamber of Commerce weregild...

- "McCain graduated at the bottom of his class, destroyed a bunch of airplanes and 130 people on the USS Forrestal died due to his negligence."

- "This all seems pretty coordinated to me. Amazing how every RINO mouthpiece all hit the air within minutes of one another."

- "They know that attacking Trump as a "racist" won't work w/ the "rubes"; but this is some "boob bait for the bubbas"."

- "You know what... John McCain really kinda is a piece of sh*t..."

- "The RNC types are manipulating this to damage Trump, simple as that."

- "If McCain and others in the GOP establishment actually cared about veterans they would treat them better."

- "What kind of drivel is this? So someone is a hero just because they tried to work in a dangerous position? "

- "Sorry, Jazz, there are no red lines. There are no sacred cows. A man may be right or he may be wrong, but what you propose is a politically correct orthodoxy. Leave that for the left."

- "Next step for Trump: highlight how many times McCain has voted to shut down the search for MIA's in Vietnam."

- "How much are they paying you extra Jazz, you useless Chamber of Commerce SHILL!!!"

- "Of course, McCain called conservatives "worthless crazies," so McCain brought it upon himself. Where's the outrage for that?"

- "It's a coordinated effort by the RNC, their "house media" and talking heads, and the entire DC establishment to once again steer voters to their "preferred" candidate. "

- "We're on the verge of giving Iran nukes and we're worried about one candidate saying mean things to a washed up senator who is despised by the base of the party to which he supposedly belongs?"

- "McCain should switch parties. He is a dnc mole attack chimp."

- "All those who are trashing Trump now have an agenda. It's not what he said, it's who he is. Actually that's what all the faux outrage in this country boils down to."

- "John McCain's behavior is an embarrassment. It is time for him to retire and ride off into the sunset. Sorry, but Trump has the courage to call it. Plus 1 for Trump."

- "Notice Jazz Shaw has no trouble with McCain calling Trump and other Americans "hobbits" and "crazies", or with him calling his fellow republican senators "wackobirds" though."

- "I actually think this will help Trump. McCain is in reality a democrat pretending to be republican so he can get elected in Arizona."

- "Obama tells us we can not insult Mohammad and Shaw tells us we can not insult McCain. Two of a kind."

- "McCain is worthless and to defend him is to make things worse for the right than they already are. I'm tired of people defending a guy that should have been gone a long time ago."

- "Support McCain? Romney? Rubio? Or support the guy who is paying lip service to an ignored AND SOLD OUT constituency!"

- "If they bring a gun, you bring a New Yorker. Trump is not the problem. The problem is the Republican Party's support for illegal alien amnesty. Comprende?"

- "The anger from the GOP establishment towards Trump is an elaborate ruse, they enjoy him talking about illegal immigration?"

- "When there is no leadership within the Boehner/McConnell/Priebus GOP, candidates like Trump happen. Reap what you Sow, GOP."

- "This has to be most pathetic piece I have read from Jazz Shaw. Full of wishful thinking, projection and poorly concealed hatred. It is obvious Shaw was waiting for an opportunity to unload his venom."

- "The party is about to die. Deaththrows are always screaming about the inevitable. Ain't that right Jazz?"

- "McCain used up all his Hero Chits. Senility is no excuse to lie & screw the US!"

- "Contain your outrageous outrage Jazz, this isn't the bone you're hoping for to pee on Trump's parade. It may happen, but speaking the truth isn't going to knock Trump out."

- "This is just simply emotional manipulation, to either block Trump from the debates, or at least slow down his momentum, so they can get back to business as usual."

- "When will Jazz Shaw apologize for his dishonest use of quotations in the headline above and correct his error? Why didn't Jazz Shaw embed the video or include a direct link above to it?"

- "Pull the knives out of your backs. Look at them carefully. None of them say "Trump". "McCain" on the other hand..."

- "The GOP establishment has it's collective panties in a bunch because their standard barer, McCanIjoinwiththeDemocratsonemoretime, has been called out for being a RINO!"

- "Sargent York was a war hero. Audie Murphy was a war hero, John McCain was a victim of circumstances. (And likely a lousy pilot)."

- "Eff McShame. There's my contribution."

- "How did Juan McCain vote on bills that contained funding for Obama Care and Planned Parenthood? How did he vote on the CROMNIBUS bill?"

- "McCain not so much. He delights in being a "Maverick" when it means stabbing conservatives in the back. I'm not so sure this will hurt Trump as much as RINOs and the GOP elite hope."

- "Way to be objective Jazz. I did hear that the Huffington Post is hiring."

- "Jazz Shaw is a shameless RINO hack. The truth means nothing to him as long as he can use an opportunity to smear an enemy of the establishment."

- "This has to be the most dishonest and politically corrupt HotAir piece ever published. But I am sure his masters at Salem will look the other way, once again."

- "Jazz has his position and he'll stick with it, regardless of the facts."

- "McCain's "heroism" has been exaggerated for years. He was a terrible pilot who got shot down by third-class Vietnamese air defenses who should have washed out as an undergrad in Annapolis and then again in flight school except his father was an admiral."

- "Excuse me jackass jazz if you are a vet then you would know that McAmnesty and Kerry hampered investigations into potential live POWs - including belittling their families back in 1992."

- "Shaw - eat dirt."

- "At some point, I stopped pretending to care about which party will shred my freedoms and raid my wallet. How's a Republican majority working for ya in the Congress?"

We won't lie - we cackled while reading those... and a quick side note:

"Dear assholes at Hot Air - and especially Jazz Shaw and his fuck-headed-retard-life-mate Allahpundit:

We strongly recommend you get the hell off the stage somewhere in between the "hurling of rotten fruit" and "the mob hanging you all from the neck until dead" part of the show. It's not that we really give a fuck if you live or die, but it would be a shame if the janitors had to mop up the shit that dribbled all over the floor as you two idiots kicked at the air while choking to death. We think sanitation and janitorial staff do a lot of hard work, and they don't deserve being forced to clean up your putrid leavings.

The Folks Tired of Your Myopic Shilling

We'd pay money to see what Reince Priebus is getting up to about right now... well... after he changes his $750.00 silk boxers.

Update I: Welcome Hildabeast Supporters.

OHGODMAKEITSTOPMYEYESIt would seem we've picked up a ping or two from the pro-moonbat brigade. How very endearing... and flattering - in the same sense that a proctologist complimenting you on your tidy colon is "flattering."

That said, it's good to know our assaults on the Neo-Con establishment have risen to the point they're now propaganda fodder for DemonRat water-carriers. We'll take it to mean the tincans are doing more than pop some of the SSN Repubicon's rivets.

Fair warning - don't think us your comrades Prog-Nazis. Not if you know what's good for your pathetic agenda. You're Morgoth's alpha minions. The Elite wreckers. You will find no comfort or aid here - for when we dream, we imagine the Orcs dangling from gallows lining Mordor's streets - and the Uruk-hai have a place of honor amongst them.