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Election Editorial: Fuck the Stupid Elections

Have a seat casual followers, and let us here at Deth H.Q. rant a bit...

It's idiot season again... where the stupid people and the evil people work to convince the sheeple of America their sports-team is uniquely qualified to fuck this nation just a smidgen more than it was prior. Oh how we are a twitter with anticipation!

We'll be bold - and cut right to the heart of this black morass:

Elections in the United State of America hold zero significance anymore. It's a fucking disgraceful donkey-show - fashioned for rubes and simpletons who swallowed the kool-aid peddled in our deplorable schools. Truth be told, there is not one meaningful-goddamned-plug-nickel's worth of difference between the gentry-caste RePubicans and their "frenemies" the DemonRats.

The Corporatists in the NeoCon wing lounge back and enable the Marxist Moonbats as they march us all off a cliff and into oblivion. One snake, two heads... the true purpose of the Republican party, (from our way of seeing things), is to serve as a "pressure-valve." They stall, bloviate, do nothing of merit, and "hold the field" until it's time for the Prog-nazi's to push the progressive football father up liberty-loving American's asses. When public outrage grows close to violence, the "Stupid party" is allowed to take the field and fumble the ball for a few years.

It's a despicable false paradigm, and it's transparent as all hell - to anyone not infatuated with bullshit notions and fairy-tails that is. To those folks... well... our only message is this:

Stay the FUCK out of our way when it comes time to fix this rolling disaster. After all... we suspect that when Joe-Six-Pack finally figures out who's been shitting all over every decent thing in this nation, he's going to be pretty Goddamned indiscriminate in who he dangles from overpasses - and we patriots won't be in the mood to help sort the wheat from the chaff.

Welcome to our miserable status-quo. No silly little marks on a stupid piece of paper are going to rectify Jack or Shit. You want to fix what ails this country? Really? You want the panacea to our malaise constant readers? Are you sure about that? So be it... proceed further with fair warning...

To repair America... a hell of a lot of folks are going to have to die. We've gone far beyond anything "civil" mattering anymore. Unless of course, by "civil" you mean, "civil war." Then... well, we'll begrudgingly concede that maybe, just maybe... there is a snowball's chance in Satan's play-pen of something positive working it's way outta the inevitable slaughter and bedlam. But no promises - revolt is always a desperate crap-shoot. The problem is, we sat and picked our ass until violence was the only credible chance at restoring the republic we once enjoyed.

At this juncture, elections are playgrounds for fools and the charlatans who dance them around like marionettes. Any rational person intent on actual, MEANINGFUL fucking "change" had best be laying in provisions and preparations for a long, nasty and bloody revolutionary war. The sub-humans infesting every strata of our political state won't be whisked away without a fight. They OWN the system - and that includes the electoral process. One must be a special sort of stupid to be invested in the foggy notion we can plead with an amok, illegitimate, and corrupt government to "fix itself" - using an instrumentality it owns from start to finish.

Until the fuckers who've destroyed American liberty - and replaced it with tyranny - pay a quota in blood, (and that includes "US," the patriots), fuck-all changes. (Don't duck our accountability - we sat idle when we should have been killing these sons-of-bitches in their beds YEARS ago - so we too bear responsibility for the pathetic state of the U.S.A. Make no mistake - we will need to pay our toll to Charon - as our hands are no less dirty - soiled by our own pathetic inaction).

So fuck this kabuki-theater, and fuck the outcome. Anything important in this country will be decided by the corrupt courts, imperial decree, or the regulatory state. Welcome to tyranny, you Goddamned Serfs.

What do you intend to do about it?