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Not-So-Friendly Fire

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Matt Bracken Writes: "...Urban youth, armed with fully automatic weapons and rpg's, will burst forth and stream out of their protective enclaves........"
Jerk-with-a-Heart-of-Jerk Responds: "Let the stupidity of that nonsense seep into your fearful, craven, and idiocy soaked brains. Once again, queefing fear mongering spills forth from BJ Bracken's pie-hole, to be pimped by his bottom-bitch faggot, Pete (wrsa), tipping his tip towards another fedgov sponsored disinfo hit, designed to get Q-tards, MAGApedes, Boomer cucks, cultists and dumbfucks fearfully frothing at the mouth and deludedly distracted. Chase the shiny object, mesmerized and hypnotized, headfirst into the nearest tree or wall you dumbfucks....whatever it takes to continue hiding from reality, responsibility, and actually doing."

Well... I'm sure glad clownshoes is on our side... and not a f*cking fed-rat stirring up trouble...

A Fed-Plant or I'll eat my fucking hat.

I've dealt with this chucklehead before. He seems awfully excited to get others dead. The chap's also pretty eager to tear down people like Bracken, Concerned American, Vox Day, The Z-man and Andrew Torba. You know... chaps actually doing things to help the dissident right.

Naturally, a one-thousand-word-plus response to his/its linguistic sepsis is necessary:


ME: I read your comments on Matt Bracken and Concerned American's posts over at WRSA. Maybe the unraveling won't play out as Bracken describes - maybe it will. It might be as ProGunFred suggested, with the FUSA's crack-up being its own special flavor of hell. Or maybe we're all wrong - I can't say for sure.

What I can say that Concerned American is a wealth of knowledge - he's provided hundreds of PDF files and links on useful information, (read: military, weapons, comms, survival) - things I would never of known to even look for. Information is king - it's the difference between being this week's spree-shooter-de-jure for the sh*t-lib media and being a part of something more effective and profound.

Nothing is going to be perfect and none of us are the oracle of Delphi - all we have at this point is conjecture, knowledge, history and experience to draw from.

Here is what we KNOW: Our government just went full Nork over this election. They went from "putting a thumb on the scale while plausibly lying," to "kicking the scale off the table in front of everybody, then daring us to something about it."

That's a big move. Unprecedented in the last eighty or so years at every strata - and completely unprecedented at the presidential level. We need to act you say? Sure. Make some suggestions - don't just fling napalm at people actually doing something. Be realistic in what you think folks can accomplish. Back up your plan with what you want to get out of it. Seventy million people are hungry for leaders in this moment. If you've got a vision, let's hear it - now's the time - the normies are scared, receptive and eager to listen - the iron's hot - strike.

A Fed-Plant or I'll eat my fucking hat.

You complain people are clinging to flights of fancy - catalog this under "no-sh*t-Sherlock." Yeah, plenty of folks are wallowing in delusions - they think Trump can save them. Some folks actually think Q is more than a LAARP. A few even believe the Supreme Court is going to wave a wand and make the election all better. Fantasy is human nature when suffering upheaval - these hopeful souls who you have such a hate-on for have kids, jobs, lives and just want to live them. Now's not the time to heap your rage on them. That only pushes them deeper into escapism and makes them hate our movement.

Or is that your intention?

We need to help nudge those folks over into our camp. FedGovCo just gave us a hell of an opening in stealing a presidential election. We should capitalize on this gift. Scaring normies with a rampage of shootings or bombings won't help.

We need to build sympathy for the movement, and any violence requires:
• A reasonable justification.
• A cost analysis.
• A stated objective.

I'm not saying "play to the press." That's a cuck game. I'm suggesting we play to those seventy million - 87% of whom believe the election was stolen. They already hate the press. We can reach them if we approach'em right.

If you're just bound and determined to be the next Dorner, then be damn sure your reason for doing so is understandable to the folks teetering towards our side. Anything less and you merely hurt the movement and die for nothing. Or is that what you're after? One starts to wonder - because every word escaping your mouth is destructive to the dissident right.

Any insurgency grows or shrivels based on the public support it enjoys. And that's what we're talking about here - a nascent insurgency. Random mayhem and slaughter is BLM/ANTIFA tactics. We have a half year of definitive proof on how that plays with Joe and Jane Six-Pack. This fight - any fight - is not simply won with violence and weapons. There is a cultural and moral element to it, and ignoring them - while expecting your revolution to succeed - is no less fantasy than people who "Trust the Plan."

If you hate the thought-leaders on the dissident right, then be the alternative. I'm a play-to-win sorta guy. If you have a better plan, then lay it out, I'll listen. If it surpasses the alternatives, consider me a chip in your pile. Ante-up.

We've had this discussion before - when you try to tear down other "do-ers" like Vox Day or Andrew Torba. I won't defend their flaws and failings - I can't even defend my own. But these folks do DO. They build. They create. They make. If you can manage better, I'll be the first one to sign your recruitment roster and cut you a check.

You don't win support with the right by tearing your opponents down. You win by being objectively better than them. If you've got better than Pete or Matt, show and tell - I'm all ears. If you just want to throw sh*t - while demanding counter-productive violence that will merely scare the people we need to reach - I got no time for ya man.

A Fed-Plant or I'll eat my fucking hat.