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Pin the Tail on the Fed-Boi

Ahhh... the joys of a prog-Nazi regime! The surest way to know a shit-lib is in office is when their Stasi starts kicking down doors and ramping up their old entrapment games. You could set your watch to the perfidy and strait-up, old fashioned EVIL of these ghoulish-goons.

Of late, I've had a few obvious fed-bois inquiring if I really "mean what I wrote" and informing me they can "help me out if I want." Very considerate of these absolutely well-intentioned souls who surely want nothing more than what is best for the dissident right and most especially me personally! Golly! How lucky am I!


When encountered on social media, I've taken to blocking and then muting the shit-bags. I then bookmark their account landing pages, and check in on their posts every so often using my laptop. I feel it's best to see what sort of mischief they're getting up to. And the answer to that is "Quite a bit." These rat-fuckers are marathon posting all manner of ill-advised overt actions on open comms to anyone stupid enough to sniff their bait.

Thus far I've tagged four I'd stake my life on being either feds or some manner of media entrapment op. I have suspicious about a host of others, but I'm not naming names or pointing - because those sorts of circular firing squads quickly turn into: "I hate this guy and he says mean things - so he must be a fed!" I'm trying to simply observe, make my own judgments and keep them to myself.


The General Fed-Boi Tells So Far:

1: "Can I help you do/get/find -insert-something-licit-here- ?"

2: Late December - January creation date of a Gab account.

3: Usernames one of us might pick if we were making a self-aware parody skit of the Dissident Right. Funky spellings military vehicles, portmanteaus of well known right-wing agitprop and patriotic dates, Don't forget Punisher logos, Thin-Blue-Line Icons, Gadsden Flags or the sort over-the-top iconography a mall-ninja might find irresistible to parade around in.

4: Few followers, and those trending towards others with very few of their own - and a lot of overlap between them. (I.E. a sock-puppet-chain). Gamers are used to spotting these tells from forum slap-fights, where one person will amplify their "argument" using a pile of different accounts they registered.

5: Following people who the left thinks are "alt-right" while hanging around a far more dissident population. Generally those followed are not REAL dissident leaders. The Fed-boi will be following Donald Trump, Brietbart, Mark Dice, Sargon of Akkad, Alex Jones and others targeted by the left - people who are not even remotely edgy on our side of the transom.

6: "When are you cowards going to DO something! What a punch of girls! When I was rolling knee-deep in blood in -insert-war-here- I learned how to gut -insert-enemy-here- and when are you pussies going to nut up and start fighting! I know I am!!!!"


I've seen number six plenty - and it's transparent as fuck. The goal is to incite rash action on your part. Be it words riding to the level of credible threats to you doing something tactically dumb - which they can then turn into Malheur Wildlife Refuge 2.0.

Watch for these things - and more. The glowies, now that they've sunk Bad-Orange-Man, will be turning their every resource on anyone with an ounce of free-will and independence. The job of any regime's Secret Police is crushing dissent, and the F.B.I. is no different.

I'm sure there are some fed-bois who are better at their jobs, and far far less conspicuous. Those cats are limited though, and their goal is to pick off the dummies first. Don't be a dummy. Be careful who you trust. Nothing actionable should EVER be posted on the internet, a phone or a computer. EVER.

If your spicy-time plans involve ye-olde interwebs, then you're already unmade.