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Merry Christmas - Don't Eat the Brown Snow

An acquaintance of ours, a good, if simple lass, with a very clear-cut worldview, asked us how the black community could protest, riot, and rally around career criminals killed by police. She seemed truly mystified, and demanded an explanation. Naturally, she's the sort that exists entirely within a small echo-chamber - Fox News is the pinnacle of objective journalism, Glenn Beck is the purveyor of universal truth, and cops are tireless heroes, working their hardest to keep everybody safe and happy. Ahh... how wonderful those youthful illusions are. They package the world so neatly, and allow for the dramatic paladin to leap into the fray - just in time to rescue the princess.

We'll help explain a part of it, for not only her benefit, but the enlightenment of our constant readers. We do need to preface our incoming screed with the proceeding disclaimer:

To proclaim there is a single reason the black communities glorify punks is an impossible oversimplification. Race-hustlers, a sensational media, indoctrination, a toxic thug-culture - and more - all play hands. That said, we can outline a substantial wedge of the pie.

The caveat managed, we happily present a hefty portion of why "Gentle Giants" - who choke-out beat-cops and Qwiki-Mart cashiers - become deified icons:

The Modern American Police Force.

The pigs began to transform themselves into the enemy through the "broken window" law enforcement paradigm that became popular in the mid 1990's. This "ignore nothing" approach to policing alienated huge tracts of the black community. (And mainstream America). Exacerbating such conduct is the warrior-cop mentality, where many officers have adopted military rules of engagement, terminology and operating procedures. Overpowering force is brought to bear without necessity, and the thousands of family pets killed each year, (they ain't ALL snarling pit-bulls), flash-bangs tossed in the cribs of sleeping toddlers, wrong address raids, and innocents killed serve as damning examples of WHY treating "peace keeping" like a military assault is a piss-poor-idea.

Next up, the coppers are required to enforce an ever-expanding host of liberty destroying laws, (thousands of new criminal regulations per year), transforming them into "the stormtroopers" behind the regime. By carrying out the empire's edicts, they've become the literal face of evil - hated, despised, and now apparently.... remorselessly killed when a proper opportunity presents. As the fearful cops choke the leash harder in response, they amplify the resentment, and feed the hate. (See the Christopher Dorner escapade for more examples than we can poke with a sharp stick).

Cops Shoot Newspaper DeliveryFurther, do not discount the role our criminal justice system plays. The courts sweep law enforcement's indiscretions under the carpet constantly. For example, they cover for, lie, lose evidence, and refuse to prosecute the misdeeds of rogue or negligent pigs as a matter of daily business. Unless a city burns, there is near-zero chance of any legitimate legal scrutiny for the overwhelming measure of cop malfeasance. This undermines the "civil" system in the eyes of blacks, (and anyone else with a functioning brain), destroying the credibility of the entire edifice. Absent that, nobody BELIEVES a cop who was legitimately defending his life. The automatic assumption is - with good reason - that said Pig was the assailant, and the narrative was a fabrication concocted to protect him.

Cops lie, the Judges believe them and the D.A. absolves them. Predictably, the trust in that particular pillar of the civil society crumbles.

Topping the pie with a cherry, is the ridiculous amount of police-owned military hardware that has zero place being used on an - allegedly - free people. If law and order have broken down to the point that cops need select-fire carbines, rifle plates, SAWs, fragmentation grenades, armored personnel carriers, anti-vehicle rockets, and IUD-resistant vehicles, then the Governor Should have deployed the National Guard to deal with Mad Max breaking out. Surely Thunderdome can't be far off if your friendly-neighborhood-beat-cop needs enough nylon web gear to kit-out an assault team bound for Baghdad circa 2001.

The sad truth is, the police have transformed themselves into the standing army we were warned about. In becoming such, with their conduct, their unquestioning enforcement of asinine laws, the lack of meaningful accountability, and covering themselves in Mall-Ninja-Wear, they have lost the consent of the people - particularly in the black community. With the "mandate of heaven" pissed away, Police can no longer garner willing compliance - they are now only given what they can force by baton, gun and pepper spray. Those who "buy" "respect" via coercion are seldom loved by the serfs.

The cops both made themselves into, and allowed themselves to be used as, "the devil." But in the process, they forgot - The devil is always evil. Even when he's not. Even when the devil was justified in defending himself, he remains the devil, so people hate him, and assume by default he's lying. People will denounce the devil, they will gather in solidarity with the devil's enemies - even if they're human garbage - because nothing is worse than the devil. Nothing.


Not a bit. It's a broad brush, and not EVERY pig is a tacti-cool-operator-wanna-be.


Absolutely - because police misconduct is endemic enough to the system that you'd be a fool to assume otherwise - particularly when Officer-Billy-Baddass's fuck-up will destroy your life - or end it outright.... and the safe money says he'll not face a lick of accountability.

Naturally there are plenty of other reasons for the riots and rage - not all of them noble - or even remotely decent. (We're looking at you Al Sharp Ton). But race-pimps aside, Pig behavior a big part of why black people would protest the shooting of a dirt-bag. We'd agree that such actions reflect poorly on them. BUT - it also paints a hideous portrait of the piggies that helped to legitimize the notion.

The adult world is not black and white - it's a sepia-shaded cell - everything in real-land is tinted a delightful shit-brown. So, Miss... it is with no small amount of regret that we must shatter some of your illusions - we're compelled to highlight a universal truth:

There IS NO WHITE KNIGHT charging to the rescue.
And there never ever was.

Fox News lies like the rest of the media. Glenn Beck is a charlatan and a huckster. The police-force is littered with self-aggrandizing thugs who act as willing participants in the destruction of our liberty.

Merry Fucking Christmas.