Politics & Rants

Observing Disinterestedly from the Bleachers as the Wall Tumbles

As we sit here, divvying up our freshly acquired aumunition dump, (fuck you very much BATF Jackboots), we can't help but find ourselves bored shitless by constant droning of the various suicidal cheerleaders pimping The Evil and Stupid parties:

"The Iraq and Afghanistan disaster is all Bush\Cheney's fault!"

"Nu-uh... it's Obama's incompetence that made it all fall apart!!!!"

"No no no no... none of it would've been necessary if Clinton had killed Osama when he had all those chances!!"

"But Daddy-Bush started that whole mess over there when he didn't finish Desert Storm!!!"

"Pfffft - if Regan had not been arming up the Taliban and training them as insurgents to proxy war with the Russians there would be peace!!!"

"Oh yeah? Well if Carter had not been a useless putz and let the Shaw fall, that whole region.... blah blah blah."

Constant readers - did you ever consider that perhaps everybody is simultaneously wrong and right? Imagine for a moment that your incompetent, evil and greedy GOVERNMENT is the issue - and the responsibility for this beast might lay with that devilishly handsome chap in the mirror. Oh... we see... it's easier to create boogeymen - to blame one matching set of fucks for what is in fact the systemic and terminal failure of this republic at it's most basic level - that of the individual. (Not that we totally blame you - the slide-show-train-wreck has been going on since before our grandparents were born).

The American public - those not anesthetized by the "circus-of-the-week" (TM) - watch the decomposition accelerate with a sense of befuddlement and growing dread. They desperately want "a reason" for our snail-motion-collapse - they beg for a remedy. Yet, nothing staves off the empire's fall. Civil unrest grows yearly. The wealth drains away with every quarterly report. Elections swing more and more violently each cycle. Debts scale at exponential rates. The panicked population tries to quash the "cause" of our asphyxiation - they want a clearly named foe, a single villain, a lone malefactor they might rally against to resuscitate our suffocated country.

Our media and political lick-spittles are happy to oblige.

"Deliver us!" the people shriek - and slimy tadpoles squirm from the muck, more than happy to demagogue in exchange for graft and power. Yet nothing happens - same looting, same stomping on sacred freedoms, same pointless bungled wars. Just a different class clown helming the good ship Lusitania.

The facts are obvious - America has been dead a long time. So great was her engine of creation that she's continued decades on momentum alone - forward motion generated by giants of men, great and terrible both. The frightened citizenry know enough to see the wheels coming off, but they want an easy solution - a quick panacea to one hundred years of malfeasance and foolishness. As a result, they blame their favored enemy:

"The corporatist Neo-Cons killed America with their bloody wars for oil!"

"Stupid Prog-Nazi's are to blame for the U.S.A.'s unsustainable public debt!"

"Dumshit LiberTardian pot tokers didn't pick a side and now Obama won the White House!"

"Retard Sheeple plugged into their TV and video games so the Republicans own Congress!"

Everyone needs their bunyip to scare the children and blame for the malaise. Because vanquishing a single monster is the perfect achievement for a lazy, scared and mal-educated society. It's so much easier to confront a fiction than the possibility that "our creature" is in fact a legion of faceless, nameless bureaucratic puke-weasels whom WE empowered to destroy our lives.

What if the collapse was not exclusively wrought by this or that specific idiot? Open your mind to the possibility that our doom was a collective effort. Decades of avaricious, wicked and stupid people, each yanking bricks from the gate keep, until the castle was a ruin... threatening to topple with the next prevailing breeze.

No - the failure was not a single politician, (or even a single political party). What we're witnessing is ruin brought about by our entire government, and by sad extension, the idiot population who granted them high office. Yes, that means "us." We the stupids - who voted "pragmatically" instead of clenching our principles. Who faltered in the face of tyranny, because, "our team is the good guys!" (Whichever Godforsaken group that happened to be). Us... who, to our eternal shame, handed off the justly warranted revolution to our next of kin.

We applied our signatures, in blood, to the contract that empowered our taskmasters. And we so graciously signed our kids into serfdom, the very way our parents bound us. Now, as our generation withers away, we leave, as our legacy, the girdled corpse of a once living nation - and all the suffering skulking in it's shadow. This is our children's inheritance. Damn us.

A fix you say? Sorry constant readers. If you've came seeking wisdom, we've got nuthin' fer ya. What we can offer is this:

If there is one constant in the universe, it's that you can't bring back the dead. The United States of America is dead. Best be planning for the eventual funeral now - and what you'll do in the aftermath.

Other folks certainly are. You might not care much for their intentions.