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Ode to the Weeping Cheeto

Courtesy of Robert Wilde at Brietbart, we are given example number 372,837,912,964 on what a fucktastic sham modern American representative governance is:

"The GOP leadership, the lawyers, the lobbyists, the consultant class of the Republican party, and all the big donors don't understand that these people are angry. They are saying that John Boehner doesn't care about them, and all he cares about is the special interests. I've never seen anything like this in the base of a party. And that is why the analogy to the Whigs is not so far-fetched."
- Pat Caddell

Read the entire article HERE.

First point of order: When we were growing up, shams were funny. Nobody seems to be laughing anymore. Not a smirk. Not a grin. Not a single solitary chuckle. What we DO see is everyone we know laying in supplies and ammunition. Things that ain't much use for enjoying a farce. This noted, cartridges and hardtack might just be helpful in rectifying one.

Second point of order: The coddled beltway lampreys are just NOW realizing RePubicans have Whig-i-fied themselves? Newsflash to Mordor's parasite caste: The Republican Party has been a useless shambling corpse since at least 1992, and for many, longer than that. The fact of the matter is, millions and millions of Americans have no representation, and have not for the greater measure of their lives. Further, absent drastic, (probably violent) action, they won't ever get it.

We told you elections in the FUSA were a mockery in 2008. We reminded you again after you drug those useless losers into congress in 2010. We railed on our soapbox in 2012 as the "mature adults" settled for their shit-sandwich. Not content, we told you EXACTLY what would happen in the prelude to the 2014 mid-terms. We described the imminent Faustian betrayal in painful detail. And only NOW... after the Wet Tangerine once again stomps out a rebellion, are the ReThuglicans suddenly "in danger of becoming the modern Whigs?"

Finally? FINALLY? FINALLY????!

Oh for fucks sake, we are surrounded by the blind and willfully stupid.

Washington D.C. is the modern equivalent of Gomorrah - populated by abysmal hucksters who have their heads rammed so far up their assholes their nipples double as blowholes. These shit-stains are a stomach churning combination of incompetent, selfish, clueless and irredeemably fucking evil - and there is no way we will ever be rid of them short of tossing the whole lot screaming into burn barrels.

Congratulations America. You got the government you consented to. A quarter of you love statist nannys, (Republican or Democrat, labels matter not). Another quarter think yourselves in possession of Salomon's wisdom, and "settle" for your lesser evils, hungrily chewing on Mc-shit-burgers election after election. About half of you "folks" are so terminally disconnected from reality you couldn't pick the current president from a police line-up. Of white people. All that remains is us... the vanishingly small, liberty loving patriots, who sit around shamefully scratching our heads, doing our level damnedest to figure out when the proper time to start killing these sons of bitches is.

Newsflash to our fellow sons of liberty - it was roughly about 1914. Give or take a year.

PS: To all the snot-bag gentry dick-suckers strutting about Faux-news and Hot-Air: We here at DETH H.Q. would like to begrudgingly congratulate Hillary Rotten-Canckles Clinton on her "historic" win in 2016. She's a Marxist hack, but hey, at least the saggy old cunt is honest about it - which - shamefully - perches her on a slightly higher rung of hell than the likes of Karl Rove or Allahpundit.