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Republican Party Commences With It's Crack Up

Welcome to the Whigs Mother-fuckers. You have long deserved to be destroyed, and regardless of what hell the communists unleash on is all as a result of your destruction, I shall salivate over every croaking, dying rattle that echos from your throats as you expire. You'll not get another opportunity to bury a dagger in the back of liberty minded Americans ever again.

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Folks, what you are watching with the departure of Jim DeMint is the beginning of the Death-throws of the Republican Party. The floodgates have now been opened. Expect more defections in the coming months. Mark Levin has been hinting at this since the election - and of a "secret" project he's a part of - which, if my suspicions are correct, is the embryo of a third political party.

Levin is not alone in this mindset. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have also been "warning" - i.e. "setting the groundwork for their own departure" - of the Republicans "Going the way of the Whigs" should they take the wrong lesson from their drubbing this November. Right on cue, showing their lemming-like mentality, Cry-baby and Lil'Mitch happily struck the match in the grain silo with this purging of the anti-tax crowd from their ranks - with promises of "more to come."

Mark my words - as we speak, a new political party is being formed, and as a result, the Republicans will disintegrate over the next half-decade. Expect to see the Heritage Foundation playing a prominent role, and expect this new party to have a very heavy libertarian shift. Plan on sacred cows, like "The War on Drugs" and "Abortion" to be slaughtered. Expect to see a departure from from the prohibitions on Gay Marriage. Many will not be happy regarding this, but, if one is truly interested in LIBERTY applied consistently, then one must understand the statist sword must be stilled on the swing AND on the upswing. It's been made patently obvious that the government cannot keep it's damnable camel's nose out from under the tent. If you invite it in to your bedroom to stop homosexuals from marrying, then the bastards will creep and push, and shove and "reasonably expand" their power in every direction, like a bucket of spilled vomit. If we are to remain logically consistent, and FREE of Nanny government, we have to learn to keep our noses out of other people's business.

The Republican meltdown is building not only as a reaction to the overreaches of the Republicans or the Democrats - it's a reaction against an meddling, obtrusive, villainous NANNY STATE that is suffocating free men and women "for their own good."

Lets do some inside baseball here, because this shit fascinates me.

The seeds of destruction were planted decades ago - when the RePubics began abandoning their base - a process that's progressed for roughly 50 years, until we reach the present, when they are absolutely MORTIFIED by their followers. The "smart" thinking was they could indefinitely play chicken - using the Moonbats on the left as a boogieman to herd their sheep into choking down shit-sandwich after shit-sandwich. That "lesser-Satan" strategy works precisely until it doesn't. And it now officially "doesn't." The election was the watershed moment - the tide broke...

...but, as I have said before, the Republicans took EXACTLY the wrong lesson from it. In my opinion, they lost their mandate with the dirty tricks and games played to assure that the Commie-lite Willard Fillmoure Romneycare became the nominee in 2012. The cheating, manipulation of the field, changing rules on the fly, and systematic destruction in collusion with the media of every "Not-Romney" was the last nail in the coffin - the final betrayal for many Conservatives and Libertarians. Remember - based on the numbers Obama LOST this election people - his staff was panicked, the media schleps were in a tizzy, and every liberal was quaking in horror at the impending doom of President Peace-Prize. The only thing the RePubics needed manage, to be guaranteed a win, was to gather the same number of people as they did in 2008 - which was itself a low-turn-out year. That's it.

But something marvelous happened. Rather than sit back, and lick their "better's" hand, their base rebelled. They stayed home. They wrote in people. They voted third party. This is why Karl Rove EPICALLY freaked-out on Faux news. It was recognition they'd pushed too far. It was a brick hitting the man in the face - the realization that, THIS time, when they offered a pile of shit on a plate, instead of supplicant lapping of the sludge, the gentry-class was met with a defiant "FUCK YOU!"

Rather than realizing they cannot survive without their foundation, the Republican technocrats infesting the House of Representatives, (like chiggers), decided it was time to prove why they are so often called "The Party of Stupid." Like the insipid little reactionaries they are, their first action hot off Romney's drubbing is an overt attempt to slough off or marginalize these "peons" - and their ideals. The RePubics still think they can force the "embarrassing people in fly-over country" to sit down and do as they are told, and take it for granted these "extremest" can be jettisoned without consequence.

Pride goes before the fall.

Only in the insular womb of Washington D.C. could someone be blind to the growing rage and resentment in this country. The Republican Party has chosen, under the leader-ship of John Boehnor, to paint itself as the poster-child of this cloistered mentality. And in doing so, has signed their own execution order. Good riddance to bad rubbish, and by God, let's bring on the third party!

PS: To patriot-minded people - the DemonRats WILL use the power vacuum left by the RePubics to consume our society, our culture, our wealth, and our liberty. We slay the Republicans with the open realization, that, we shall probably not be done with this business until a Civil War has been fought to reclaim what the Marxists on the left take in the confusion. There will be blood, we will loose limbs, fortune, loved-ones, and life. It is what it is - Tyrants do not cede power freely, and liberty lost is not returned peaceably.

Keep your arms and your wits close fellow patriots. These are the very times our founders envisioned when they penned the 2nd Amendment.

- The Tree of Liberty grows thirsty...

PS: Jennifer Rubin is a fucking establishment dick-sucking Cunt.