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Seen This Movie Before. Sucked the First Time.

Ahhh right on cue...

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit lays out the backstab:

"Not if the GOP won't abide by its oath to protect and defend it. And why would they? This way they get the scamnest the Gentry desperately wants, with the added bonus that they get to blame Obama for it - and then run against him for the next two years while pushing lies about repealing it."
- Bill Quick

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We do hope those of you who so... dutifully carried the Republican's water enjoy getting shived. Do spare those of us who understand how futile America elections are the gaping maw and pie-plate eyes... we've seen this shitty movie before. Hated it the first time. Told you how it ended. You didn't listen. Sympathy? Non-fucking-existent.

The beauty of this total conniving betrayal, is that even though it's happening live and in open public, "the folks" will still continue to pull the lever for these clowns - these "merry pranksters" who promise one thing, and cheerily deliver the polar-opposite. Need we remind everyone that the Neo-Confederates ran against the ACA in 2010... and despite all their fury and bluster - and the power to nullify the law en-total - they refused to lift a finger to strangle that abomination in it's crib. These "jovial-joksters" then campaigned against Illegal Aliens in 2014 - with all the fervor of a Baptist minister delivering the word of God to "African heathens..." the whole while fully intending - from day one, second zero - to deliberately tie their own hands and blame the Prog-Nazis and President Drone-kill for what the RePubican's Corperatist owners desperately wanted:

Cheap labor. When the Chamber of Commerce says "Bark," Cry-baby Boehnor goes "Woof!"

Not just fruit pickers and burger flippers mind you. Oh no. H1B visas galore! White collar Professionals from other nations to sate Silicone Vally. Engineers. Programmers. Designers. Doctors. Skilled and intelligent people, who are just as smart, just as capable, and just as willing to work hard as Americans are - for about half the cash.

Now... don't relish your Schaden-boners too much Libtards. Your own fuckers sold YOU up the shit-river on every single thing they promised in '08 and 2012. The Commies transformed "FREE Healthcare for all" into "Gigantic-Public-Money-Pig-Fest" for the insurance industry and Pfizer! Hooray for your titanic social victory proles! Savor the fact that men now pay for pelvic exams, and women have to lay out cash for testicular cancer screenings! (That sure worked out well for the health-care industry! Funny how all you serfs now have to fund sh*t you can't even use... at gun-point... that must be what Heinlein called "*Bad Luck!"). We won't even get started on the precedent for executing US citizens without a trial, El-FBI acting the role of Copyright attack dog, unrelenting spying by any and all FedGovCo acronyms, the glorified blue gloved mall-cops molesting your five year old daughters, the militarizing of every fucking federal agency ever, and don't forget to mention the feds coating Barney Fife from crotch-to-gizzard in enough surplus battle-rattle to occupy Somalia.

Who are the saps again? All of yah.

Keep being "pragmatic." That buys you Wiemar Germany. (And everything that follows after). Republicans... Democrats... just illusions for the rubes, to dice the revulsion over our governance into chunks Leviathan won't choke on.

Think that's not so?

Ok then sports fans... answer this:

"Why is it that President Peace-Prize was stoking the race-baiting Ferguson-furnace full tilt, (and let's be fair... the Cop-Loving RePubicans on the right were feeding the "opposition"), with all the willingly polarized left/right media-apparatchiks in tow... until a city was burned down in an orgy of rage and banditry...

...but now, when we have video of the "virtuous" NYPD choking a man... TO DEATH - over F*CKING LOOSE SMOKES - something that a near plurality of people regard as inexcusable - and suddenly... not a even meep to be heard from the flock of freaking agitators as the pigs responsible prance away scot-free?

Funny how that works, ain't it?

We'll offer a hypothesis on what truly terrifies the puppeteers:

Stromboli's nightmare is one of "The Peasantry"(TM) coalescing together long enough to compare notes - they might just realize whose playing them for morons... which would undoubtedly be double-plus-ungood for the life-expectancy of the gentry class. Both metaphorically and existentially.

So then... back to the games... all the little players get to pretend their sports team is the great white knight, crusading for virtue, liberty and justice... and all that other associated bullshit. But after the show-vote, their chosen champions inevitably sell their fans out whole-cloth - to the power players which our oligarchy truly services. You know... the people who ACTUALLY matter - who don't have to trouble themselves with peon-justice or laws. The VIPs - who buy their representation billions of dollars at a time. They don't give two-shits what mascot their bought-and-paid-for government minions paint on their helmets, so long as they deliver.

The lamentably hilarious thing is... even people who just read this entire screed... will still march on, like automatons, casting ballots for the left or right head of the mutant snake, thinking themselves "doing their civic duty," "battling for goodness!" or "picking the lesser of evils." Meanwhile, back in the desert of the real, they are volunteering to peacefully surrender their wealth and liberty to the creature who's eating the Bill of rights from the left and right simultaneously.

It'd be endearing, (in a naive-retard-discovering-he-has-opposable-digits-kind-of-way), if it wasn't such a pathetic waist of what was once a reasonably free nation. That and sinking the rest of us into the abyss alongside these suicidal nimrods.

However, in the interest of fairness... vapid-pragmatism and cheerily participating in a society's desolation is not something we modern fools have a monopoly on...

"As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;"
- Rudyard Kipling, 1919

We've been the main attraction of a managed stage show for a very long Goddamned time.

*Stolen shamelessly from the good Dr. Reynolds.