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Nothing So Hilarious as Watching Prog-Nazi's Go Full Retard

So we took the off day to truly bask in the "Glory" that is the Obamacare Exchanges... and our favorite helmet-clad prog-tards did NOT disappoint with their magnum opus:
- Obamacare insurance exchange websites don't work; HealthCare.gov a total mess
- Getting worse! Fed marketplace, state O-Care exchanges: Guys, you can 'keep' errors
- 'So much for security!' Health insurance websites continue 'head desk' fail
- Obamacare Exchanges In Pictures
- Obamacare Launches... And Breaks

The visceral stupidity and incompetence behind this entire mess can only be described as... beautiful. Allow us a moment to compose ourselves and wipe away the tears (of mirth) as the fuck-stick's utopian vision blows up in their idiot faces.

Simply delightful. Choke on your legislative sh*t-sandwich. And smile. Enjoy every mouth-watering morsel you fucking rubes. Enjoy it good and hard.

Update I: Bill Quick Clues-in a Stupid Leftist Cunt

Over at Daily Pundit, Bill Quick slaps an idiot prog-bitch so hard her teeth fly down her gullet, ricochet off her pelvis, and fly back up into her skull so hard they knock out all the cock-dings she got in utero while her whore mother serviced every sailor in the San Diego shipyards.

"As a nurse, I am proud to share this great news: thanks to the Affordable Care Act, new healthcare marketplaces opened for business today bringing lower-cost healthcare options to millions of Americans... You can go to healthcare.gov to shop and compare healthcare plans or find out more about low-cost healthcare through Medicaid."
- Harridan C. T. Bintworth

"Um, it's down. You stupid socialist bint."
- Bill Quick

Read the entire thing so you can appreciate the stupidity HERE.

The only thing even more farcical than this entire liberty devouring boondoggle is going to be watching the Prog-Nazi's scrambling around like amphetamized spider monkeys looking for someone else to blame for their colossal catastrophe.

We're pretty confident the media will do it's level best to help. Surprisingly, we are just peachy with that. Makes it easier to know who to hang when everything falls inevitably apart. Contrasting shades make black and white mob justice a snap.

Pun intended.

Update II: Quote of the Day

The quote of the day is brought to you by "Fails-R-Us" aka Healthcare.gov:

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Things are progressing swimmingly.