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Dear "Honorable" Senator Harry "Dingy" Reid:

(And believe us - we use the term "honorable" with every last shred of respect you deserve.)

It has come to our attention, via the patriots at the Western Rifle Shooters Association and the journalists at Las Vegas Review-Journal, that you consider us - the heroes who stood against the tyrannical behavior of United States Federal Government in Nevada - to be "Terrorists."

We also could not help but notice how you've begged, (on your knees like a supplicant little cocksucker), for the goons of the Volksgerichtshof to charge us under Section 18 USC 2331(5) of the U.S. code. You - and your shitty little miscreant son, got your dicks kicked in the dirt by patriots, and now you want President Drone-kill's contemptible little bitch to put the come-hither-on-us.

Well here's the funny thing "Harry" - you wrinkled old clown-shoes - you, and your wretched ilk have destroyed the legitimacy of the American political, (and legal), system. Congratulations! It took nearly a century, but you assholes finally did it! Fuck-weasels - like you and your Gomer-looking spawn - have shit the mandate of God to death. You've successfully turned justice into mockery and law into a farce. Damn near the entirety of Leviathan is now used as a sledge to punish government's enemies while transferring treasure to it's cronies.

In such an environment, "lawful behavior" has zero merit. The code of conduct on display by the gaggle of despots and corsairs infesting this government is not worthy of the "respect" necessary to follow your tyrannical proclamations. Your "laws" have been twisted into a sham on their face, and it is the duty of good free men to ignore, resist, defy, undermine and shit all over your every single effort - until you slink away in shame for the hell you've wrought - or this entire Goddamn nation falls into civil war.

No more. Not one damn step father. You filthy sons-of-bitches could not be happy with eating out our larders, confiscating our treasure, stealing our liberty and committing espionage against your own loyal citizenry. No... You had to possess more. Over the long decades, you greedy monsters incrementally wrecked every shred of personal freedom that crossed your path. Encouraged and emboldened by the civility and grace with which we, the people(TM), endured your usurpations and transgressions... you... just... kept... TAKING. But no more. You've piddled away your mandate, and now, the serfs no longer willingly bow to your edicts.

If you assholes want us to capitulate, you'll have to come make us. And by "make us" we mean fucking kill us. If you think you can. You're welcome to try. Just be careful what you start. By our count, you and your ilk are outnumbered and outgunned one-thousand-to-one, and the loyalty of your stormtroopers is by no means assured.

Our fealty is hereby revoked Dingy Reid, (you filthy old pederast). We're laughing at you - all of you. Fuck your tyranny. Come and make us bow. We won't be the one's responsible for what follows your foolish attempt, but by God, we'll be happy to carry it to it's logical conclusion. See you at Nuremberg.

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Go fuck yourself Harry. Tell your fascist kid to fuck himself too, or better yet, the Chi-com corporatists who own his ass already.


Photo Courtesy of the WRSA