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David Warren: Hapless Voters - With Less-than Cheery Commentary

(Hat-tip to the Western Rifle Shooter Association for the link.)

David Warren over at Essays in Idleness has an interesting take on some of the recent "protest" elections. from Rob Ford to the recent wave taking the EU by storm:

"There is. so to say. good news and bad news for democratic European Unionists. The good news is that. for the first time. voter turnout actually increased from the previous election to the European Parliament. Just over 43 percent of the eligible bothered to vote. up 1/10th of 1 percent. The bad news is that so many of these voters selected parties devoted to the destruction of as much of the European Union as possible."

"We are laughing. up here in the High Doganate. Or rather. no. we are not laughing. it is all a pose. Still. there is a glint of recognition. gleeful in its own way. The voters. especially in England and France - the pioneer "Nation States" from the later Middle Ages - appear to have been motivated by something akin to the feist that came over the municipal electorate in the Greater Parkdale Area. the last time we voted. That was when we chose the notorious drunkard and drug addict. Rob Ford. to be our mayor. As polls since have repeatedly confirmed. we knew what we were doing. We had a task for him. It was to destroy as much of the vast municipal bureaucracy as possible. Our instruction was: "Keep smashing everything you see until they take you away." Finesse would not be required. and the licker and crack might be an advantage."

"One may love "the people." without being especially impressed by them. They are stupid. but as the stopped clock. there are moments when they are stupidly correct. These are very brief moments. but let us enjoy them while we can."|
- David Warren

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As we've been saying for the last twelve years - don't scoot back and "let it burn."

HELP the mother-fucker burn.

Our advice: Before casting any ballot. ask yourself the following question:
"Who is the most singularly destructive figure I can vote for?"

Think logically. Which person. placed in any given office. is going to inflict the greatest lasting harm on the state and all of it's many tentacles? Consider all options. A quick examination should make it pretty clear which statist bastard. (of the gaggle running). is going to abuse. misuse. shit-on and materially destroy the mandate of their office.

Don't get tied up in your "ideals" or silly wedge-issues. The goal is to help the burning platform collapse faster. See to your needs. undermine every institution in your sphere of influence. and gleefully elect your worst nightmare. That done. laugh. sit back and enjoy the fireworks before things truly and epically come asunder.

What's that constant readers? "This is a rather nihilistic world-view?" We reply with our own question - Do you expect anything OTHER than failure from our floundering political system? Do you suppose we are going to "magically" vote and be "saved" at zero hour by some white knight on a charging stallion?

(Please. pardon us a moment. while we enjoy a restrained chuckle at your expense - nothing personal.)

Ahem. thanks for that. Now that we've regained our composure... we will extrapolate...

There is no benighted crusader who is going to gallop over the hill and save you all. (Assuming your Paladin were not a wholly mythological construct). a quarter of the people will blindly love this "infallible hero" while a quarter of the people will consider him the Anti-Christ incarnate - and oppose this farcical construct with every fiber of their being. Meanwhile. two-quarters of the people will be too wrapped up in the mediocrity of their miserable little lives to even bother with any of it.

The truth is. America is a horrifically Balkanized society. split by irreconcilable world views - which can only be solved by one faction wiping the other off the planet. There is no peaceful resolution in this sticky morass - those expecting otherwise are requesting the impossible. The statist and the liberty-minded cannot tolerate the presence of one another - anymore than ice and fire can co-mingle. One will invariably overwhelm and destroy the weaker.

Some folks have moved on to the acceptance phase of grief - others wave their RepubloCrat. Occupy and Tea-party signs with a fury reserved for the mad - still locked firmly in denial about the darkness lurking over the horizon...

We can sympathize with the notion. given the alternative (read: Reality). It's very cute some deluded souls still think relief will come from fanciful heroes or uselessly gamed elections - endearing... in a "what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you-kinda-way." Wish in one hand. shit in the other. and report back on which has more weight - happy daydreams and planting one's skull in the sand won't change what has to be done. What is GOING TO BE DONE.

America is. (for all intents and purposes). Yugoslavia circa 1988 - and a fair portion of the population is a walking civil war looking for a justification. A good spark is all that's needed - and if it takes too long. one side or the other will engineer one. just as the founders did during the revolution. Pretext in hand. folks will get about the one business we Americans excel at above all others - killing one another.

The government knows what's cooking. and they think themselves prepared for what they've helped kick up - what with their cute little tanks. ammunition dumps and be-speckled NOAA weathermen hamfisting sub-machine guns. Word of advice. from folks here on the ground stewing in the building rage - just leave. Jump on your little planes. and fly into the sunset. Now. That won't stop the impending unpleasantness. but it might result in a few less defenestrations.

Nothing the overlords have stockpiled - not even their nukes - will stop what's been carefully cultivated and provoked for the last half century. They think otherwise. They're wrong - and will pay for that hubris with their dearest blood. The locust swarm. once roused will first consume the government and its minions - and then turn on itself with a fury that will shake the pillars of heaven itself. No war this world has seen will be more horrible and kill so many as what's coming to the U.S.A.

Even some folks recognizing the storm clouds harbor tragic misconceptions... for example:

Many patriots imagine they will make a short bloody work of the statists and their supporters. hang the leftovers high. re-establish the Constitution and wrap themselves in the American flag - all the while humming a Lee Greenwood ditty.

That's nice. But the razor cuts both ways....

Much of the government faction - and their spittle-licked minions - believe their armies. surveillance-state. terminator-drones and technological terror toys will quickly sweep away the opposition and usher in a glorious utopia built from the skulls of the bourgeois.

Both sides are factually incorrect. Folks are going to rip themselves and this nation into itty-bitty pieces. and then those pieces will continue to tear themselves apart for decades. Nobody walks from this unscathed. and if there is even enough left of one faction to establish control. (we doubt this very much). it will only be due to the thoroughness with which they exterminated everyone and anything opposed to them.

To brutally simplify - what's left afterwards won't be pretty. No... we don't see a way to stop it. When immovable objects intersect with unstoppable forces. it's human nature to rend societies apart. Welcome to the human condition. We've done it innumerable times in the past. and we'll keep dong it until we exterminate ourselves. Accept our nature and plan accordingly.

You can't fix the system - or stop it before it plunges into a canyon constant readers. Inertia has the wheel now. and the breaks have been shot for fifty years - or more. The most you can do is stoke the boiler for all you're worth - help ignite the biggest Goddamned fireball imaginable on the way down. The more destroyed the train is before impact. the better for all parties involved in what comes after. The skeletal wreckage of the government will just be one more horrible faction amongst many that will need to be dealt with - better to kill it now.

Prepare. train. learn. get tribe and adapt - or die.

Have a wonderful weekend.