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"Obama/Romney as the Lesser Evil?"

Frequently, I will hear comments like these when people try to defend the past records of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney:

"Romney is hands down a nicer guy in "real-life" than Obama. He will slow down the train at least."
"Yeah, Obama has been a disappointment, and he's not kept his promises. But he will do less harm than Mitt Romney!"

Most of you have heard these "justifications" and "rationalizations" before - or even uttered them. What you need to realize is that you are not trying to convince the listener of your position's validity. You are trying to reinforce your OWN decision while betraying your principles. You are a willing participant in the age old game of "choose the lesser evil."

What I am going to specifically take issue with is the notion that Willard "Mitt" Romney is somehow going to be, in spite of his past actions, a demonstrably better president than Obama. Such a contention does not pass the "stink" test in my opinion. Now, this is a contentious point amongst many on the right, and of course, I am going to have to back this up.

So Buckle up.

As many of you know, I pursue politics intensely. So it should come as no surprise that the 2011 Republican primary drew me like a dog to his vomit. What I was treated to was an epic display of skullduggery the likes of which I would have found outlandish had they been "fiction."

It was a non-stop carnival of the surreal...

...the barrage of "leaks" provided to opposing campaigns battling the "front-runner-of-the-week," the constant parade of "closet-skeletons" prancing on national television, various media outlets being used as weapons-grade propaganda, and the cool one-hundred-million spent spraying poo on front-runner after front-runner - until at last, there was only one man left not so covered in sludge as to be rendered unpalatable. (Honorable mention to the mass robo-calls that were both demonstratively false, and linked to the Romney PACS that were circulated against all of his challengers).

Mitt-bot obliterated and manipulated his competition like pawns on a chessboard, in a cut-throat and calculating way that has never been seen in any primary on the left or the right. He enlisted the aid of groups like Politico, Planned Parenthood, NOW, and the Brady Campaign in doing so - groups that your standard Tea-Party-Patriot consider to be standing somewhat to the left of Noam Chomsky. Before you pontificate on what a lovely human being our presumptive new overlord is, I would suggest you go ask Lil'Rick Sweatervest, Salamander, Crazy-eyes, Caribou Barbie, Herman "Shaft" Cain, and RicKKK Perry how "nice" Willard Fillmoure Romneycare is.

There is a very good reason none of his former competitors are doing any significant work in the Republican campaign currently. Their endorsements have been down-ticket, infrequent, and limp-d*&ked - when they came at all - which stands in stark contrast to prior elections where the defeated rallied to the winner for "the good of the mascot." Rombot keeps his hair neat and his suits pressed, but when it comes to street fighting, that creature would slit-his momma's throat if that's what it took to keep or gain political office.

Do no forget that for one second.

I know... Willard looks unassuming. He's got that "Armani-Suit-Grey-Man" thing down to an art-form. What you don't see is the long set of knives under his sports-jacket. He's a politician, and a master gutter. Underestimate him for one second and he'll split you from crotch to gizzard and he won't get a drop of your gore on his $15,000.00 suit.

Now, before you Neo-cons finish getting ready to lynch me, you should be aware that I am not going to wax glowing about Jugg-ears Hussein, or pretend that his "Chicago-way" flavor of thuggery is any better. He's been a disaster, even when, (or "especially when"), stacked up against his own rhetoric - let alone when contrasted against someone I truly admire - for example, Calvin Coolidge. Regardless of how awful Obama is, I can't look at Willard Coldfish's past in Massachusetts, and call it anything less than a disaster for liberty and free-markets.

I know. You want an example. Fair enough. I will offer one.

While President Peace-prize tried some under the table gun-control pushes, such as Fast and Furious, Romneycare is responsible for a real, tangible gutting of the second amendment that would have started a literal civil war had they been attempted nationally. I don't believe that's hyperbole. Not one bit. Had the federal government tried to push what Romney signed in terms of weapons restrictions, there would have been secessions.

I will acknowledge that Romney will be a "different kind of evil."

I won't say better.

I don't honestly see a magnitude shift. Just a different flavor of s*7t-on-a-shingle.

Rombot will not change our economic trajectory, and I will wager my credibility on the fact that he will replace one set of Goldman Sachs monkeys with a new set or equally corrupt Banksters. Willard will not roll back the stunning executive overreaches of the last twelve years. He will not seek to reign in the amok supreme court. He will not address the insane spending that is going to KILL US as a creditworthy nation. And, most importantly of all, Romney will NEVER repeal Obamacare.

Never. Please ruminate on that. I will eat my boonie-hat on Youtube if Willard Fillmoure Romneycare dismantles his child in it's entirety.

He's for all intents it's father. Romney won't lift a damn finger to indite his "shining political accomplishment." His repeal promises are a farcical mockery of a sham, designed purely to provide a paper-thing veneer for his "base" and the conservative leaning libertarians to justify choking down yet another Republican Sh*t-sandwich.

It's a damn sick joke.

Nope, I can't look at Willard Fillmoure Romneycare's past actions, and credibly say he will be better than King Barry Hussein.

Just different tasting. The destruction of our way of life and freedoms will continue unabated under his rule - just like it will continue if President Downgrade wins.

So far the only rationalization for gagging down the "Willard McPooSandwich Delux," which does not insult my intelligence - or completely compromise the "principles" of the person making the point - has been from Science Fiction author, and Big "L" libertarian Willam T. Quick.

He bluntly proclaimed his hatred of Obama for his policies, positions, tactics, and legislation. Quick sees Willard as a wicked, opportunistic tool he can employ for revenge. He knows Romney is a Statist technocrat, who will betray all of the principles Mr. Quick believes in. But he will support this flip-flopping hack, to enact ice-cold revenge against Obama.

I can "get" revenge. I can "get" hating someone who's stepped on, or opposed you bitterly. And I respect honesty.

You hate Obama, because you feel he's wronged you, and you want to hurt him for it. That's logically consistent, and very human. I can get behind that.

Trying to rationalize Willard in any other way, as some sort of "bastion of free-market-capitalism," "great conservative mind," or even as "better than Obama" just does not pass the smell test with me. It's not logically consistent at all when you look at Romney's list of accomplishments. He, like Obama, cannot afford to run on his "record."

I hate Obama. I want to see him loose. I want to see him ruined. I hate Romney. I want to see him loose. I wish to see him ruined as well. I desire nothing but illness and suffering on both their houses. A pox on them all. In my mind, they stand as glittering examples of all that is materially wrong with America.

So, come election day, I get to savor the bitter tears of a rotten man that truly deserved his defeat. I shall also gnash my teeth, and rue the victory of a man that insults the principles this country was founded on.

Which of either that is, is largely irrelevant to me. Because no matter who wins, WE LOSE.