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An Open Letter to Erik Erikson (AKA Cuck-Supreme)

This is a Re-post of an open letter we sent to Erik Erikson of the website "Redstate" on 8/8/2015:

Dear Erik Erikson;
You Do Realize We WILL "Help it Burn" - With Glee?‏

We'll be honest with you Mr. Erikson - Trump could have shot Megyn Kelly in the face on stage and we'd still vote for him. After all... one does not criticize their wrecking ball when it's going about it's assigned task. After 2015's "year of congressional betrayal," it is patently obvious that this war is no longer about "principles" or "beliefs" - such notions have no proper place when mentioned in the same sentence as "the Republican party."

No, we are well beyond that - for you see, this little "Trump thing" is about revenge and annihilation - and to be horribly blunt, we can't even muster the fortitude to feel sorry about it.

The Republicans sold America out for the final time. They've methodically set about proving - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that there is exactly ZERO reason we should look to parties or elections to solve what ails this nation. You and your pundit caste badly misjudge the seething rage simmering while you've been busy placating the gentry. You're blind to it because you're cloistered, removed, out of touch - secure in your womb of mushes and dim, complementary colors. This is why you fail repeatedly to stop Donald Trump. This is how you call his forays so tragically wrong over and over - while us "trashy serfs," can see the obvious for what it is.

That said, congratulations are in order - as you've all fianally done it - by God, you've really done it.You've actually managed what we felt was long impossible - you have ripped the veil from countless eyes Mr. Erikson. You've allowed a two-bit carnival barker to show the world how illegitimate, rudderless and lacking of mandate the Republican party truly is. You've removed any distinction between this parliament of whores and their Whig predecessors. Thank you sir. You have helped, in your own small way, to both feed your party's destroyer and awaken thousands of patriots to the farce that surrounds them.

We mean to extinguish this non-representing political party - Trump is the current the vehicle, but is far from the last. If you and your sniveling paymasters at Salem succeed in removing him... well... there is always Hildabeast. "President Camacho" can take a any of form, (he's a cypher after all), and to be frank, we're not overly concerned with the "fallout." It's not as if liberty-loving folk are being represented by any strata of government anyways - our "realized loss" as the Gentry Republicans implode will be decidedly south of zero. As pundit Mike Hendrix says:

"Revenge T'ain't much, certainly. But t'ain't nothing, either."
- Mike Hendrix, Cold Fury

Look at the bright side Mr. Erikson... you've proven yourself a malleable, reliable and quality minion - who can lick his master's hand and fully appreciate the perks of his silver-plated chains. Once your establishment Republican funding crumbles to ash, we're certain you'll land a paying gig at some institution worthy of your talents - like BuzzFeed, Gawker, Vox or some other joint where the editorial staff appreciates a good supplicant lackey.

Do let your owners know that this war is personal for many of us. Intensely personal. We mean to burn the edifice down, kick apart the rubble and spoil the earth beneath. We're splitting up, us conservatives and the Establishment Republican party.

It's not us.
It's you.

We'll deal with any potential repercussions from our breakup in the manner and method prescribed by our prescient founders in the Constitution of the United States.

The Crazy Wacko-bird Hobbits who once, (a long time ago), voted for you, gave you money and manned your phone lines.