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Simmer in Hell You Malignant Old Crone:

It would seem that Satan has summoned his wretched shrew back to his hearth - Ruth Bader Ginsberg's decrepit, cancer riddled corpse finally gives out:

"RBG In Hell: If You Can't Say Anything Good... and I can't, beyond that she is dead..."
- Bill Quick

For most of my adult life, this foul tumor upon everything that is decent, true and right in this world has squatted over her cauldron on the Supreme Court, vomiting forth affronts to my prosperity, my liberty and my intelligence - in equal measure. To say that I draw unparalleled satisfaction from this horrific hag's demise would be an understatement on par with calling the surface of a neutron star "somewhat radioactive."

I wish only the absolute worst on her - a miserable, hatful crone, and I will sleep tonight peacefully and content knowing that she's been dragged home to the Morning Star's realm... where the ogress will enjoy a place of honor among the very worst of humanity.

My only remorse regarding her ejection from this world is the fact I can only enjoy the harridan's death but once. I hope the last moments of her existence, (as the darkness and demons closed in), were indescribable in their sheer horror and agony.

C'est la vie you wretched witch. /Spit.

RBG Is Toast