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This Game is Rigged

This entire gun-control farce is a rigged, premeditated sham, and the outcome was determined before a single page of this legislative abortion hit the senate floor. The bill itself is a convoluted mess, with ambiguous terms, poorly worded and broad declarations, and is nothing less than an article of outright tyranny that no civil and liberty loving patriot should be able to peacefully tolerate. This is by deliberate design. Easy to follow, clear, and reasonable laws are not a tool tyrants can easily exploit or profit from.

People understand what's happening - we've danced this waltz of capitulation before - with Obamacare, the Debt ceiling, the sequester, and every other miserable pile of stuttering fail foisted upon us by our corrupt, callow, (and by this point, illegitimate), government. This isn't some new kabuki dance by any stretch - we the people are getting played, we know it, and we won't fucking stand for it much longer.

Here's how it's going to play out:

1: The real "vote" is whether the law gets to the floor of the senate at all. Knowing this, a convenient list of traitors, sellouts, and backstabbers are selected from safe seats, last-termers, and those willing to fall on their sword. For example - the following take the following list of turncoats:
Lamar Alexander of Tennessee;
Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire;
Richard Burr of North Carolina;
Saxby Chambliss of Georgia;
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma;
Susan Collins of Maine;
Bob Corker of Tennessee;
Jeff Flake of Arizona;
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina;
John Hoeven of North Dakota;
Johnny Isakson of Georgia;
Dean Heller of Nevada;
Mark Kirk of Illinois;
John McCain of Arizona;
Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania;
Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

2: The bill is larded up to unintelligible levels, with thousands of lines of legalese, expansions of executive power, abdications of congressional authority, pork, graft, and open-ended criminal regulations that no person can successfully navigate.

3: The "Staunch Defenders of Liberty," (TM) put on a good stage show, knowing full well they can't stop shit. Lots of blustery speech, fist pounding on the podium, stomping of feet, and angry waving at poster board visual aids that we, John Q. Public, paid $5,000.00 each to have printed.

4: The opposition media will chirp and hum the praises of the "great isle-crossers" and "mavericks" who are "so courageous," while demonizing those dancing the "opposition-tango."

5: Having been transmogrified into an utter unreadable abomination, a version of the "bill" makes it's way to the house, where the same thing happens - capitulation, treachery, and a show of half-hearted, futile, and faked opposition.

6: Our law is then "amended" based on how much freedom they think they can get away with stealing without directly resulting in the day of 100 heads, and padded with enough pork and horse-trading to make it palatable to "reasonable" sorts who surrender liberty for safety, wealth, or temporary political expediency.

7: It "squeaks by" using every quirk and trick in our parliamentary playbook, (to better provide cover for the political assholes voting for it), and the two versions of the bill are then made into an even larger unreadable mess than they were previously. The devil will be lurking in the details.

8: The Blight-Bringer signs the monstrosity, essentially codifying an illegal constitutional convention into federal law. (Expect to see more and more of that as the velvet gloves come off the Tyrants.)

9: We the schmucks will be counseled by the talking heads to "calm down" be patient, and just wait for the Supreme Court to overturn it. Years shall pass, and the freedom minded people will be dagger-stabbed yet again.

10: At the same time, we schleps will be told if we can just manage to elect a different president, or put this or that party in charge of congress, it will all magically go away - but when has that ever happened? Never, that's when. Hope is a powerful force - and it's being deliberately exploited to keep the frogs slowly boiling.

That's what you can expect from all of this if you sit by passively and tolerate it casual readers. Those slime-piles had a headcount before this ever came to the floor - everything else is just theatrics for the low-information set. They have a game plan, and will crassly use your earnest hope and "live-and-let-live" mentality to squeeze every last drop of freedom out of America.

Some might ask why - and the answer to that, we must sadly admit, is simple:

The fact is, these shit-bags don't like the serfs being armed, they don't like them being relatively wealthy, and they sure as shit don't like them being free. They fancy themselves RULERS - Superiors. They see themselves to be masters. For that stratification they want to be crystallized, the would-be princes and queens must steal the people's freedom, mire them in poverty, and most of all, they absolutely must take away all of the weapons that pose a direct and tangible threat to their unfettered rule.

They won't stop unless they are stopped. Probably forcefully. We'd like to note the process of that probably won't be... tidy. For all parties. Prepare accordingly.

Plenty of other pundits and people noting this wearisome fandango:

Bill Quick over at Daily Pundit correctly notes:

"Once the bill reaches the floor - and, thanks to the politically motivated treachery of a bunch of Republican Senators, it has - the Democrat majority can do anything it wishes with the bill in terms of amending it to suit themselves, and blocking any amendments they don't want."
- Bill Quick


Herschel Smith at The Captain's Journal is also far from optimistic:

"It has been postulated that the Republicans have outsmarted the Democrats by forcing a vote on any number of measures that actually make things better for our rights, while giving them only a little of their own demands - or - by forcing the Democrats to vote on an outrageous bill that will force them out of office in the next election. I don't subscribe to either view, for a number of reasons."

"First, this is more than likely to be yet another "you have to pass the bill in order to see what's in it" example of ruling by ignorance. Second, the GOP is full of cave-ins and sell-outs, and has been for a very long time. Third, the GOP just isn't that smart. They're basically a very stolid, slow, confused bunch, many of whom act without any real principles. Leave it to the GOP leadership to miscount their own votes, thinking that they can stop the legislation at the end, only to see defections and thus new gun control laws. When this is over I expect to see GOP leadership looking stunned and shell shocked at what happened to them, just like with Obamacare."
- Herschel Smith


Mike Hendrix makes it short and sweet on Cold Fury:

"Hey, anybody remember when gun control was a "dead" issue, and "going nowhere," etc?"

"Yeah. Right. They. Are. Coming. "

"And they'll be bringing their national database with them. Just so's you know. Soon."
- Mike Hendrix


Poor Bob Owens tries to keep hope alive, but the comments... oh the comments... the people are not so sure:

"While it is merely speculation, I think several things are going on here:"
- "Republicans have decided to give Obama the "up or down vote" he's badgered and waved the blood shirt for, in order to give the appearance of compromising."
- "Republicans are figuring that they're now turning the tables on Red State Democrats and moderate Republicans, forcing them to come out and record an up or down vote."
- "Republicans have plotted to fill the legislation-whatever it turns out to be-with "poison pill amendments" that will either force Harry Reid to pull the bill, or force Democrats to vote against it, OR put enough pro-gun legislation in there to more than offset any background check compromise."
- Bob Owens

Rick Moran at the America Thinker notes the good ship "fail" has already set sail in the House:

"New York Congressman Peter King is emerging as the key Republican in the House who will likely determine whether expanded background checks become law."

"King will introduce the House version of the Manchin-Toomey compromise amendment from the Senate and thinks he can swing enough GOP votes to pass it."
- Rick Moran


Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom dispenses some cold hard truth:

"As some Newtown families, props being used by the very gun grabbers who have set up the kinds of gun-free shooting galleries in which their children were slain, held hands and prayed for more than 60 votes (having been flown in at taxpayer expense to lobby our representatives to take away our natural rights), it occurred to me that, with 16 Republicans voting that a debate on amending an unalienable right is perfectly in keeping with the Constitution, the Republican party then and there died. Went tits up. Ceased to be."

"If John McCain and Lindsay Graham and Lamar Alexander are in your party - and carry much weight in that party - you are in the wrong party."
- Jeff Goldstein

LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has this to say:

"Obviously I understand that this does NOT mean the bill is law - as we all should. It only means that the bill is now going to be allowed on the floor for debate. There is no guarantee one way or the other that the bill will pass or fail at this point, but it certainly doesn't look good for the home team."

"However comma, that is not the point. The point here is simply that ....This bill should have been a dead stinking carcass upon arrival, it should have been mocked and ridiculed out of existence- but yet again, 16 Republicans fell prey to the ever fucking ridiculous notion that - "Yes Virgina, there really is an honest Democrat in D.C." That's the nice way to say it - the darker thoughts running through my head is these 16 traitors - know exactly what they are doing, and they do intend to pass this in full, they've jumped the aisle for good on this issue."

"Of particular concern here is that this listing, with exception of well established RINO Whores like Collins (ME) , McCain (AZ), Alexander (TN) and Graham (SC) is more or less a who's who of - red state Senators. Sadly, and with much anger I have to say both my Senators from TN voted to allow the bill to proceed - much to my disgust."

"I more or less expected Lamar Alexander (TN) to jump ship - he's got a proven track record of it time and time again. He's part of the "Memphis crowd" - But Corker?"

"Bob fucking Corker - I hope you fucking drop dead - actually Bob....yesterday would have been a nice fucking day to do exactly that...but no hard feelings ...right Bob? You fucking piece of camel shit herpes infected cunt stain bastard son of a crack whore that you are."

"A thousand times a thousand curses on the houses of all 16. Biblical ones. Locusts - Boils - Pestilence and Plague - Because hey, when dealing with traitorous scum like these sixteen - you should care enough to send the very best..."
- LC IB CiSSnarl5.7


The veil's been pulled off the wizard, the frogs see they're being boiled, and the political-caste has zero intention of stopping with the infringements on that which shall not be infringed.

This can only end well...