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A Reply to Sara Hoyt

Thanks to good old Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for the link.

This letter is in response to the article Author Sara Hoyt wrote on her website According To Hoyt, in which she requested the angry and betrayed masses composing the Republican's voting base "hang tough" and "suffer through Vally Forge."

What follows is our reply:


Ma'am, we like your writing, and hold you in high regard, but, we're going to be brutally honest with you. (Because we're candid with people we respect).

You're out of your pretty little skull if you think we will ever give the Republican Party another haypenny or vote after what they just did. These hucksters spent the better part of a year lying to us about their intentions and heaping layer upon layer of scorn on our cherished beliefs. The traitors campaigned on stopping illegal Amnesty and Obamacare. FULL STOP. These GOP charlatans had one. single. job. - and we empowered them in every way necessary to do exactly that. They could have done nothing. NOTHING. End of story. Nothing. They could have packed the bags, gone home, and won the day for liberty.

But no - the Chamber of Commerce would have NONE OF THAT.

Instead of winning, the Republicans not only crossed boundaries to cooperate with the Democrats, (to make brutally certain they eviscerated us ugly tea party muppets), they then collaborated with the house minority to shield Boehnor from what should have been a career ending backstab. This betrayal is 1856 bad. What you just witnessed friends, was the death of a political party - the NeoWhig Party tore it's wrists open - live... and in real time.

This act of throat slitting was beyond contemptible. It was beyond the pale, and nearly beyond our ability to properly express with mere words. Murderous rage given a voice. The literary equivalent of **Munch's "The Scream." Some things you don't come back from Mrs Hoyt. Sometimes the damage done is irreparable. For example: Introducing twenty-million-plus Mexican statists. Congratulations - the Republican party just effectively swung Texas blue. Be patient? Suffer through? Persevere? TO WHAT END!!!! This cannot be undone!!!! This will never be FIXED! This play was for the entire game ma'am!

(We won't even go into how badly this shredded the last tatters of our rent constitution. OK, we lied - we'll do just that - The legislative branch, due to the willful and deliberate actions of the Republican party, just canonized Obama's executive overreach! It's now precedent! They gave their imprimatur to Hussein's lawlessness! It will forevermore be used to justify scores more usurpations).

After this... after enduring the willing hate hurled at us by the establishment... you would have us... "ONE LAST TIME!" dine on grilled scat courtesy of our Republican Chefs? Ma'am... with all due respect... you are asking too much of this old man and his family. We will self-edit our true feelings on your "plan," out of professional respect for your body of work - and the assumption that you accidentally tripped tonight and cracked your head on the tile floor. Please seek immediate medical treatment. This is looking more and more like a concussion.

Finally, we're going to take "issue" with the whole "We are making conservative in-roads into the Republican party" business. Would you please go examine who all "signed off" to allow these various travesties to even come TO a vote? Red State has the numbers - the REAL vote took place procedurally in both the house and senate. The sham votes on the actual legislation - as outrageous as they may be - were engineered to "protect" as many Republicans as possible. This whole thing was a preordained farce from the second the 2014 campaign season started. The number of RINOS, traitors, owned and blackmailed are far greater than the actual vote would indicate. (Or do we need to remind you that these "Stalwarts of Modern American Conservatism" recoronated Boehnor as their near first official act)?

This is ruinous. We are now doomed to have our voice negated wholecloth by an unending Tsunami of illegals, who vote reliably statist... no Ma'am. You're trying to lead us somewhere we won't... no... CAN'T follow you. We have honor and principle - the Republican party has neither. We cannot ever again condone these lying weasels. And frankly, that's pretty unfair to liars and weasels. We don't know if it's fair to ANY word in any language really. Perhaps we need to invent one for the Republicans. Something that accurately reflects the hatred we feel towards them.

How about we settle on "OMNILOATH?"

Such is the magnitude of this betrayal that even the "We Republicans are Less Evil than the Democrats" argument fails on it's face. From our way of seeing things, funding the ACA coupled with introducing millions of foreign voters was a blow the likes of which America has not suffered since Woodrow Wilson dismembered the Senate. Less evil? How about "Equally Evil AND Stupid?"

We are done with seeking peaceful redress of our grievances, and through looking for "President Washington." We're seeking our "General Washington" - and searching for him now - not in another thirty years after Google has filled is quota of H1B Visas. We've been convinced he's required before we can shuffle onward to "President Washington."

No more Ma'am. Just... no more. This is intolerable. You cannot... EVER put a Goddamned cherry on top of this shit-cream-sundae. Not with all the maraschino cherries in all the galaxies and parallel universes combined.

Update I: Bill Quick Returns Fire

Bill Quick, over at Daily Pundit has the first rebuttal to Mrs. Hoyt. (His was actually written before we shambled onto the crime scene and threwup everywhere.)

"It is likely that since Boehner did not have enough votes to pass a clean scamnesty funding bill with just Republican votes (because the fifty or so (yes, really) actual Tea Partystyle conservatives in the House were enough to block him in the party caucus) he did a deal with Pelosi that let him put the safest and most secure (and many already open) supporters of scamnesty up front to vote with the Dems to pass the scamnesty bill."

"But there is no doubt in my mind at all that, if he'd had to, he could have pulled another 100 or so GOP votes supporting scamnesty. Because the GOP and its donor class is hell bent on getting scamnesty. Your belief in the idea that 2/3 of the GOP "held firm" betrays only naivete about how Congressional voting really works. The GOP wants scamnesty, and wants to be able to run against it at the same time."

"So Boehner's deal gave a lot of scamnesty supporters cover by letting them vote against it, knowing it would pass anyway."
- Bill Quick

Read the entire article HERE.

Update II: Explaining the Point

Our resident lawhawk is attempting to hammer a logic nail through the skulls of the RINO's over at Sara Hoyt's place:

A view from outside this bubble and into another - we are posting this collection of articles so that the establishment types and other "mature adults" can maybe grok the other side of the coin. Perhaps shamble out of their echo-chamber and into ours for a bit. Understand the disconnect at work here, and why we can no longer suffer this abuse and still live with ourselves:

World Net Daily Staff:

Red State Pundit Traversecityconservative:

Journalist Russ Hepler:

Emperor Misha I:

Author Francis Porretto:

Author Bill Quick:

Journalist Charles Hurt:

Author Mike Hendrix:

Pundit Billy Hollis:

Pundit Ace of Spades:

Pundit Herschel Smith:

Author/Gun Rights Activist Mike Vanderboegh:

Pundit James Simpson:

Journalist Matthew Boyle:

Physician/Journalist Brian C Joondeph:

These folks are not mere democrat apparatchiks, saboteurs, or coordinated lackeys (as has been insinuated). Nor are they incompetent victims of a liberal snowjob. These are intelligent and thoughtful people, who have just suffered multiple shattered vertebrae from "The Final Straw," (TM). The abuse at the hands of Republicans has been a standard fixture for their entire lives, and they've had their fill of "electing staunch conservatives" only to have them turn against the "nasty hobbits" weeks or days after taking office.

Contrary to the false narrative being crafted, the consensus being reached was not the result of a sudden "angry outburst" regarding "not getting our way all the time." It's not a feet-kicking "tantrum" over one, two, three or even a dozen wounds. This anger, resentment... and now dare I say it... hatred - is the child of countless injuries inflicted over forty or fifty years, with only the briefest and most fleeting of respites. It's not that we didn't get our way this time... it's that we get our way NEVER - and as a panacea we're instructed to vote in more R's who loath us. (Or suffer a primary process where "our party" will happily enlist democrats if conservative primary challenges show the slightest chance of victory).

That the growing chorus of disenfranchised voters would be driven beyond the despair event horizon after such a prolonged regimen of beatings is not an indictment on their brainpower, wit or perseverance - it is in fact a monument to the levels of human suffering a people will tolerate before accepting their political system has failed them.

The true marvel is... how did they manage endure even THIS long?

Update III: Well Apparently Shit Hit the Fan.

So then.... somewhere between Friday night and Monday morning, our little dust up with Mrs. Hoyt "somehow became a thing." Judging from the traffic we've had over the past three days, that last salvo must've been close enough to soak the flight deck.

To wit:

Sara Hoyt over at According to Hoyt had a riposte.

Emperor Misha I was roused from his Torpor over at The AntiIdiotarian Rottweiler.

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit has had enough of strawmen and condescending attitudes.

Larry, the proprietor of Starving Larry has his own thoughts.

Dystopic at DecliNation picks the whole shitshow apart with some pretty indepth thoughts.

Concerned American over at The Western Rifle Shooters Association brings the slides and puts the "P" in "pithy." He relays the hard truth in three sentences flat.

Round and round the Gravitron goes.

We could blast out another twothousand words, but at this point, all parties have unloaded a full broadside. The lines are drawn, and the fence sitters have either picked a team or staggered off into the sunset, as bewildered and clueless as always. Further persuasive writing exercises at this juncture are unneeded and unhelpful.

So here we are: Mrs. Hoyt and her adherents still wish to dine on the Republican Brand ShitSandwich. That's their choice to make.. Those of us on team "Let it Burn," are turning our backs on "votevoteland" and mulling over the concepts of "socio-economic-collapse," "armed civil disobedience," and God help us, "revolution."

It's a train wreck coming no matter what. So be it.

"I aim to misbehave."
- Firefly

It's funny how a barking moonbat director/writer can so perfectly summarize the position of the patriot community. Apparently, our maker has a sense of humor.


PS: Mrs. Hoyt - regarding the last comment on your website - you can call our favorite Legal Beagle a great many thing. Obstinate. Pigheaded. Relentless to the point of fault. You could even correctly state J.M.B. aka HempRopeAndStreetlight has some serious anger management issues. (As we know only too well - some of us have been related to him for six-plus decades). What you never have our permission to call him is "Agent Provocateur."

The fact that you can't fathom this level of rage towards the Judas Party, (you instead assume moonbat sock-puppetry), proves, (sadly), that you're no more open minded than the average ProgNazi.

Enjoy your shit-burgers... and do try not to gouge out your eardrums while plugging them and shrieking, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!! at maximum volume.


Update IV: Give Us Liberty or Give us Death!

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit fame has a few reminders for us all:

"That cuts right to the heart of my problem with Sarah's apparent stance - Kurt Schlicter's, too: They seem to assume that we have lots of time - several decades - to play the long game."

"We do not. We will not be allowed to have it. If nothing else, an unholy combination of Gentry GOP elites and Democrats will work together to deny us that time, indeed, to destroy us."

"Well, wah. What can we do, then? Do you want a revolution?"

"Actually, if it comes to a choice between a Marxist tyranny built on the ashes of the Constituition, or a violent revolution, well, I'm with the Founders, and I say that in the full knowledge that I would likely be one of the earliest corpses in the effort."
- Bill Quick

Read everything HERE.

Careful Bill - you might be branded a "leftist agent provocateur" by the establishment republican bootlickers and the various shrinking violets who get their delicates all twisted at the mere notion of bearing arms against an amok tyranny.


**SilverDeth EDIT 3/10/15: Special thanks to Jimmy the Saint for the correction on the creator of "The Scream." We've now attributed the proper artist, and shall commence flogging "The Art Department" - who should have chimed in and corrected our dumbshittery on the topic of classical expressionist artwork.