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Another Day... Another Establishment Hack to Fisk...

Elizabeth Price Foley over at Instapundit is really starting to grind our gears. If she's not sucking cop-dick, or shilling for PJM gentry idiots, then she's coming to the most wrongheaded and disingenuous conclusions fathomable.

Exhibit A, B, C, etc:

"Trump and Sanders are popular for different reasons. Trump appeals to the conservative base of the GOP because he is willing to talk tough and defy a stifling and overwhelming atmosphere of political correctness. Sanders appeals to the progressive base of the Democrats because he is willing to overtly and unapologetically push a progressive/Socialist agenda. Sanders has also gained attention simply because so many Democrats are looking for an alternative to scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton."

"Do Americans-of all political stripes-distrust the D.C. "ruling class"? Yes, undoubtedly. And presidential candidates who can tap into this widespread frustration will do well. But neither Trump's nor Sanders' popularity is based on this sentiment."
- Elizabeth Price Foley

Read the entire nauseating dirge HERE.


Dear Elizabeth,
You, like the rest of the RePubliCAN'T establishment, fail to understand Trump's appeal. It's not "tough talk on immigration" flocking the masses to his podium. Imagine us to be insipid consumers of such demagoguery do you? What are we thinking... of course you do. You repeat your fallacy at every opportunity - and you're compelled to use Glenn's blog as a platform for making certain we're exposed to your churlish internal monologue. (Oh merciful-fucking-GOD do you go out of your way share - we've seen less virulent strains of herpes).

Your insulting straw-man is a laughable assertion - one you no doubt fabricated to marginalize those of us here in the "LET IT BURN" party. By doing this, you can gloss over the justified source of our anger - the Republican party. As an up-sell, the excercise mentally helps you perch on your Corinthian pillar and ruefully gaze upon us simpletons - as we gleefully piss all over the establishment scat-sandwiches your patrons offer. Not to topple your self erected column there "Liz," but if you're going to stink up Instapundit with your gentry boot-licking, (And Sweet-baby-Jesus knows you have for the past few months), please keep your narcissistic intellectual segregation and pick-me-ups on your"internal frequency."

Allow us to rectify your stunningly obtuse misconceptions:

We ain't in this because we think Donald Freaking Trump is going to fix sh*t. We ain't after what he's selling, nor do we trust the packing label. (We've been torched far... far... FAR too many times for such naivety). We believe the country is f*cked. We're of the opinion that there is no fixing it. We've long-past the despair event horizon. Absent hope, all we have left is the destruction of our foes - and a proper helping of dessert is LONG OVER-DUE...

Right now, the biggest enemies of freedom loving patriots are:
- The chronic backstabbers infesting the RePubican party.
- Their rent-seeking Crony Corperatist leash-handlers.
- The corp of simpering, waistlette bint-shills spreading their raw sewage at the behest of their patrons.

We love trump because our enemies HATE him. We love Trump because he's mocking the feckless establishment that forever ruined America. We love Trump because he's hurting people we loath - RepubliCAN'T slugs that went out of their way through lies and betrayal to EARN our rage.

We're mocking your entire illegitimate edifice "Liz" - we hold it in the highest possible contempt. We hate it - and more specifically... we hate you.

After all... we can't have the good ol'U.S.A. back - that much is painfully clear. So be it... we'll settle for revenge.

Here... we understand you younger kids, (and at this point, anyone south of 45 summers is "younger kids"), enjoy using media and pop-culture to relate to real-world events. So be it... we'll put it "1980's style" for you:


Challenge accepted... and we most certainly didn't imagine the most harmless and playful childhood mascot to come do the "destructo-nating. We can think of absolutely nothing better than seeing you back-biting traitors hatchet-killed by a carnival barker with hair strait out of Bloom County. It's a poetic and deserving fate - a hard earned one to boot. One betrayal too many assholes.

Burn in hell NEO-Whigs, you dearly earned your demise - consequences be damned.Consequences be damned. Enemies who want to obliterate us we can fight. What we WON"T tolerate anymore are betrayers and liars in our midst... sabotaging our only resistance to the Hippies. Those cats are the lowest grubs on the lowest strata of the sh*t-patty that we once called "America."

The Sweet Meteor O'Death Fan Club

PS: Eat shit.