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Why Vote "Let It Burn?"

So "WHY TRUMP" we've been interrogated. Why "LET IT BURN!?"

Fair enough. I'll answer, but be prepared for some background.

I, along with much of my family, gave up on politics in 2012. I showed up, voted for sheriff, and wrote in "Hemp Ropes and Streetlights" for president. I then voted against every other incumbent on the ballot. Didn't care who or what. If they were in offices, I voted against'em.

In 2014, I saw the Republican party Sweep congress and local legislatures. I again abstained, as I listened to their mush talk and watched their destruction of tea-party challengers - I knew a back-stab was in the works. You don't ship in democrat voters to kill off a primary challenger when your political wing is getting ready to play on the level.

As expected, I was proven right when the Republicans and their leadership proceeded to betray every promise they made and every principle they claimed to uphold during the election of 2014. It became obvious they were not only incorrigible but willfully irredeemable as well. They liked what they were, and "shut up crazy hobbits."

Even Ted Cruz, who I had some hope for, wiffled and waffled, allowing key votes to proceed, supporting the president's trade authority until they had enough votes for him to "pretend" to change his mind. He also gave deceptive and weaselly answers on immigration - code words for support. That position evolved too, but my heart was already hard, and he blew his chance. Sucker me for decades... shame on me... sucker me after that... hah... fat chance.

When I saw Cruz playing the same games as the rest of them (Paul, Lee, etc.), while trying to mount the "I'm an outsider wagon," I knew immediately there is not now, nor will there ever be, salvation for this nation coming from the Republican party. I intrinsically understood they will corrupt, co-opt or destroy anyone in their ranks who would truly and effectually change the system. The primary system has been proven an obscene joke, and our congress has deliberately handed all of it's power to the executive to make absolutely certain it can feign impotence into perpetuity.

Given that realization, I made my choice:

Kill it.

The Republican party has become a big fat weed growing in Liberty's pepper pot. It's sucking all the nutrients from the soil, hogging the sunlight and using all it's might - in willful collusion with the Media and Democrats - to crush anything that might upset the status quo - and consequently our slide into tyranny.

The arrival of some demagogue to commence the culling was inevitable. On cue, along rode Trump. He's practically the 4th rider of the apocalypse in the eyes of the gentry. Brash, loud, outspoken - a natural rabble-rouser and born counter-puncher - with fame and money enough to go completely rogue. He looked at the bloody gash the RePubliCAN'T leadership nurtured, marched right out into the middle of the festering, gaping tear, and planted his flag like a Spanish Conquistador.

The entire establishment, from their owners in the Chamber of Commerce to their paid goons like Ed Driscoll recoiled in horror as their entire game of "divide-the-conservative-base-like-an-onion" blew up on their faces. They gathered their finest actors and immediately attempted their OTHER favorite game:

"Outrage Theater."

It failed - dramatically so. Nothing the Republican gentry throws sticks, because we've been taught to hate them, (though years of abuse and neglect), and we've been taught to distrust the media too. All people like Allahpundit, Megyn Kelly and Erik Erikson have done is add themselves to a list of people we routinely ignore and write off. I for one don't care if Trump's a serial waffler - or what he says when slapping down mouthy media-jack-boots. One does not expect their wrecking-ball to be nuanced or subtle. Blunt-force trauma to be expected - and even encouraged.

I love that TheDONALD(TM) is obliterating, enraging and humiliating the people who promised so much and delivered so little. He's tearing the fracture in the Republican party wide open - probably irreparably. I can't summon the will to care overmuch. The RNC very well might die from this wound - it's deep, long and septic. I am completely resolved to this outcome - because the Republicans are choking off the sunlight and fertilizer - they are taking up space and preventing some folks TRULY interested in liberty from growing.

Maybe that means the DemonRats run amok for a decade. I simply shrug. Once, years ago... that threat held meaning. It was a legitimate consideration when voting. But given the arrogance, condescension, (and most importantly, the track record), of the last Republican President, the Republican Congress and the witless Republican Controlled Supreme Court, I can officially declare the Prog-Nazi boogie man DEAD.

"At this point... what difference does it make?"

"None" we say to ourselves. The GOP apologists then proceed to go apoplectic, filling the internet with their rage and bile - spamming Hot Air, The National Review Online, The Wall Street Journal and PJ Media with unvarnished rage directed at us unclean traitors. Oh well. We've been the front line in the culture wars for decades. They won't be saying anything the commentators on MSNBC haven't already shrieked at us - our hides are thick and calloused - from years of Republican snake bites. It's doubtful we'll much note this latest abuse.

Back in the real world, Obama still get's his entire agenda - no matter who's running congress or sitting on the Supreme Court. At least with the moonbat wreckers in charge, we have to endure less "failure theater" and insults to our intellect.

2014 was your last chance to do as you were told Republicans - you instead took it as an opportunity to give the Chamber of Commerce a hand-job. We got the message - and brought the gasoline.

You are now witnessing the utter collapse of your political party... and your executioner is a blustering reality-show host.

It would seem that history has a sense of humor.