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The Left's Trash Collectors

One thing many conservatives fail to understand is that leftists have three goals when they gain power - hurting their enemies, promoting their cult and enriching themselves. Progs view government agencies and corporations as weapons to wage war on their ideological opponents with.

The IRS is not a tool for raising revenue. It's a way to hurt those who disagree with moonbats and reward those who promote their faith.

The FBI is not a law enforcement organization to safeguard the population. To a sh*t-lib, it's a powerful sword, wielded to intimidate and kill those who won't do as they're told.

Big corporations are not institutions which provide services and try to generate profit. As far as a leftists are concerned, they're propaganda organs and extra-constitutional ways to censor foes.

Anything a prog-Nazi controls, be it private or public, is only understood as a means to:
- Punish those who refuse their religious overtures.
- Fill their personal coffers.
- Ppromote leftwing theology.

Making money, providing a service or maintaining some aspect of the social contract is not a concern for sh*t-libs. They don't give a tinker's damn about such nonsense. After all - they know full well the conservatives will spend their time, energy and resources maintaining the societal tapestry for them - even as the progs whip, beat, demean, kill and enslave them.

Doubt that? Let us compare and contrast...

Sh*t-libs have a "peaceful protest" - and half a city burns down to the tune of billions in damage.

The cucks have a march, and it's not only peaceful, lawful and nice, but the city looks cleaner than it did before they showed up.

The commies can always count on the right to step in and use their own personal money, time and sweat to tidy up after their fits, negligence, theft or dereliction of civic duty.

The progs know they can spew gallons of deviant propaganda into your house and you'll still buy their Netflix and Disney Plus.

The sh*t-libs understand their credit card companies, banks, payment gateways, internet hosts, domain registrars, social media corperations and search engines can censor you and you'll still use their services.

They believe you won't do jack-sh*t about them, no matter how badly they squeeze and trample you.

The moonbats are even convinced they can use government organs to steal your right to vote - forever - and you'll just sit and take it.

They've turned everything they run into a club to beat you into compliance with...

...an offering plate to pilfer...

...or a hymnal to sermonize about the glories of their religion.

Their calculation is that you'll all continue cleaning up after their tantrums while they force you - at rifle-point if need be - to fund the destruction of your own f*cking civilization.

Will you?

"We've been told that we have no right to use violence to achieve our political will - because we have the right to vote."
"Well, we no longer have the right to vote, so..."
- Patrick Dollard

Peerless logic.