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PSA: 100 Head Life Insurance Policy Active - Kyle Rittenhouse

You fucking commies are just so cute - and too smart by half. Do you have any idea what you're about to unleash? No. You don't. You wretched spoiled, evil children. Fine. This is on you:

Fuck Around and Find Out

SPREAD THIS FAR AND WIDE: I am calling for all patriots to activate Mike Vanderboegh's 100-Head Life Insurance policy on Kyle Rittenhouse. The terrorists and commies are thusly warned - If they kill this American hero while awaiting trial in jail, we will take 100 commie scalps in reprisal. And we include their propagandists, political supporters and financers in that potential list - the higher up the totem pole the better.

You want to play stupid games? You'll win stupid Goddamned prizes. Horrible, horrible, stupid prizes. We're through playing with you shit-bag Blackshirts as you rampage around torching cities and murdering people in the streets. You don't touch this kid MAN - or you Reds will swiftly understand the meaning of the phrase "Disproportionate Retribution."

Chose wisely Reds. You pull this string, you will unleash hell.


Fuck Around and Find Out