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Goal Tenders

The social media feeds of late have been abuzz with all this blathering about poor wretched little Tucker Carlson.

Please observe my "lack of shits to give face."

Fuck That Lamentable Clown

Let's be frank here. The man is a walking, talking, CIA OP. He glows so brightly you could glimpse him from low orbit. The world "bioluminescent" fails to do this man justice. Red-super-giants go nova with less light output.

Understand what this man is. Tucker Carlson is the final bastion of acceptable establishment thought - the goalie - who works to prevent people from truly taking that final step into "overthrow the government" tier politics.

"This far - no further. Or else"
- Your Owners

He addresses the real issues, and pontificates on them in a clear, understandable way... and promptly leads the masses to faulty conclusions and false narratives. Particularly regarding who is behind our woes and the objectives of said tribesmen. (Cluebat time: They want founding stock Americans dead). He's extremely good at his job. The man's not being fired. He's moving up in the world.

The smart money says Tucker Carlson will toss his hat in the political ring to split the vote in the event any real populists show up - uninvited - to our farcical elections. (Fat Orange Retard was an accident they will NEVER tolerate again).

Following or in place of this, I'd bet on Tucker helming a new "fake-and-gay-fringe-right" to divert clueless conservative energy and money from projects that might actually endanger our occupation government. Think of it as Jordan Peterson with less drugs and incest.

Let's some pan out some, and peek at the larger picture here:

The Situation:
GAE is struggling. They've lost their proxy war in the Ukraine. The world is dumping the petro-dollar. The lie that has been Western Civilization for the last century is crumbling. The ruinous combination of jewish communism and jewish Keynesian economics have worked their magic on yet another empire.

In a nut-shell, we're floundering, and there is no escape but a titanic, bloody war. But who will helm this march into utter oblivion? The dementia patient and his clown-car of rejects? Not exactly "war-fighter" material. So it's time to pass the baton to the other head of Amphisbaena.

Ultimately, the creatures truly minding the FUSA need DeSantis and the Republicucks to take the reins. After all - military recruitment is non-existent, most of the competent warriors purged, the officer corps is an unfunny, galactic joke - and the White folks - the people who make this country work - are getting fed up - and worse...

...starting to notice things. Who's holding the leash of the malcontents. The last names of everyone with real power. How these rulers seem to have the same ethnicity. How they control our media, corporations and even our government. How they universally hold our western virtues like freedom of expression and self-defense to be abhorrent. Yes, there is far, far FAR too much noticing going on for the comfort of our owners.

Fuck That Lamentable Clown

Enjoy your "freedom of speech" - slaves...

Winning back the White goy - so they can be fed en-mass into the wood-chipper - is priority one. (After all, the Davos crowd has a timeline for war with China and Russia - and they really need you to invest your children).

As I alluded to above - mercs, furries, trannies, lick-spittle's and soy-kin make fucking terrible soldiers. (Oh, my stars and garters, cue the shock). These losers won't beat battle-hardened Russian soldiers. Our masters need the God-fearing, flag-waving White boys frying and dying for ZOG - because they're smart, capable and motivated - which is the polar opposite of the cash-for-kills, stiletto-heeled clowns and wig-wearers they have now.

Fuck That Lamentable Clown

One Snake. Two heads. Both working towards our extinction.

The Pedos and Warmongers play for the same team. Team A is failing, so Team B will be allowed, (read: engineered), to take the center-stage. Expect jingoistic go-rah-rah-'Murica military ads to become fashionable. Michael Bay explosion fests will rampage on the silver-screen. And don't forget those fucking magnetic car sticker-ribbons and a titanic false flag attack! PRESTO! Team Blood-guzzler, (Republicans), will then magically win power - to whatever degree can be tolerated without causing mass chimpouts in urban hell.

The meat-grinder is hungry. Tranny-Piss-Beer, Child-Rape-Disney, Unlimited-Election-Fraud and "My-Two-Marine-Moms" is not selling White America on dying for the evil zionist fucks running this shit.

Fuck That Lamentable Clown

Team Pedo will step back and let Team Warmonger curate things for the run-up to WW INFINITY. Tucker Carlson is just a Knight on the chess table. He is playing his role, and deserves zero pity or support - as he is a tool of the enemy. The very mouth of fucking Sauron himself.

There is your dyspeptic rumination for the day.

Don't get played.