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A Sick Tragedy... Despicable Ghouls, and a Stern Warning...

- First Point: We shall start off this post by saying that our hearts go out to the families of those who lost children and family in the horrible events of yesterday. You are in our prayers, and we solemnly wish there was some way we could make things right for you. We know we can't ever do that, and that fact eats at us. The people here would shoot their hearts from their chest if it woud bring back these innocent children. As online relief funds become available to those who've had their most precious possession stolen, expect links to appear on this page. Please share a few dollars to help the folks who've had their lives torn to shreds.

- Second Point: To those of you in Hollywood, the media, those Mayors surrounded by throngs of armed bodyguards, and to our alleged representatives in government - who can't even wait for the blood to dry on the school's floors before launching into frothing attacks on our constitutional freedoms: SHAME ON YOU. You are fucking GHOULS of the worst order, and attempting to co-opt this tragedy for your own pet political gains is so far beyond despicable that I can no longer call you my countrymen. I am looking at you David Frum. You despicable, sick fuck.

- Point Three: Any attempt to re-instate the "assault weapons ban" or to in any way infringe on our constitutionally protected freedoms to keep and bear arms will be tantamount to an open declaration of civil war.

'Nuff Said.

Update I: The Dogs Bark

His Royal Highness at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler summarizes our thoughts HERE nicely.

Update II: Daily Pundit Roundup

The ever precient Bill Quick chimes in on where this is being steered HERE. Predictably

Update III: Hot Air Media Roundup

Hot Air does a decent job of covering the disaster so far HERE.

Update IV: The Party of Moloch

The Democrats, Anti-Gun Republicans, and their enables have proven themselves to the the followers of Moloch. Monsters. Despicable monsters.

Update V: What Happens When the "Victims" Are Armed.

Hat Tip - The Market Ticker: Gun-Free zones are government created slaughter-fields.

10/1/1997 - Luke Woodham put on a trench coat to conceal a hunting rifle and entered Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi. He killed 3 students before vice principal Joel Myrick apprehended him with a Colt .45 without firing.

4/24/1998 - Andrew Wurst attended a middle school dance in Edinboro, Pennsylvania intent on killing a bully but shot wildly into the crowd. He killed 1 student. James Strand lived next door. When he heard the shots he ran over with his 12 gauge shotgun and apprehended the gunman without firing.

1/16/2002 - Peter Odighizuwa opened fire with a handgun at The Appalachian School in Grundy, Virginia. 3 people were killed before the shooter was apprehended by 3 students, Mikael Gross, Ted Besen, and Tracy Bridges with handguns without firing.

2/25/2005 - David Hernandez Arroyo Sr. opened fire on a public square from the steps of a courthouse in Tyler, Texas. The shooter was armed with an assault rifle and wearing body armor. Mark Wilson fired back with a handgun, hitting the shooter but not penetrating the armor. Mark drew the shooter's fire, and ultimately drove him off, but was fatally wounded. Only two innocents, including Mark, lost their lives this day.

4/22/2012 - Kiarron Parker opened fire in a church parking lot in Aurora, Colorado. The shooter killed 1 person before being shot and killed by a member of the congregation who was carrying concealed.

Well, well well: It took the cops 1 hour to respond in Connecticut. We depend on them for our protection why? Too bad the statist vultures would not allow some armed teachers eh? I blame the sick fuck who did this... I also hold all the evil bastards in our government that enabled him.

Exit Question: Should we allow a pack of Government assholes who surround themselves with armed guards to tell us we can't have guns for defense?