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Civil War Part I: Harden Your Life

Part one of an on-going series about the Civil War now openly conuming the shambling corpse of the FUSA:

We're in a fog of war right now fellow travelers. These moments are when you take stock of your life and begin hardening it. You must assume the worst possible outcome and prepare for it. Below is a sampling of the things you MUST be thinking on RIGHT NOW. You had years to get ready, but now it's down to the wire:

• How long can you go without buying food?
• Water?
• Do you have weapons?
• Do you own several thousand cartridges for them?
• Do you have body armor?
• Enough fuel to get 250 miles without refueling?
• Important records in a secure, portable format?
• A place to go if you lose your home?
• A workable plan to get there?
• What is your physical condition?
• What if your power is cut off?
• Will your household last without a job?
• Can you buy things if your Credit Card cancels you?
• How about if your bank exiles you?
• What if your e-mail service is cancelled?
• Same for social media?
• Phone and cell service turned off?
• A website backup for when that's cancelled?
• Friends who will help you bury a dead sh*t-lib?
• What are you doing to hurt prog corporations?
• What are you doing to damage sh*t-lib institutions?
• How are you protecting your data and privacy?
• Have you broken anything belonging to the reds today?
• Can you use your position or job to hurt team red?
• What can you do to gum up the system?
• Do you have a list of red team players in your AO?
• Are you prepared or able to take action on said list?
• Are you protecting your children from the system?
• Are you protecting your wife from being brainwashed?
• What steps are you taking to harden your home?
• Have you identified relations who are a threat?
• If so, what have you done to mitigate that danger?

Civil War is Upon You

You must consider every one of these bullet points with the greatest of urgency. The Progs have openly declared war upon you and your dearest loved ones. As most of you know, ANTIFA is now creating lists - openly and proudly - for the purpose of targeting and killing you. They're gleeful at the opportunity - and intend to run down them, from top to bottom, and unleash escalating terror and mayhem upon you and your family... until they eventually get around to wholesale slaughter. They cannot help themselves, this is how the political left has - and always shall - operates. To be blunt, they are monsters. Dangerous, selfish, evil monsters.

ANTIFA Kill List

They have declared war upon you - it does not matter if you've been peaceful or groveled before the sh*t-lib cult. You're just another witch to be burned, in order of the magnitude of your sins. Even if you refuse to acknowledge the current Civil War, you're in one... and as should be obvious, it only takes one side to start a war. With these new "lists" - which allow them to easily produce a Google map directly to your house - they will have a convient means of isolating and attacking you. The Blackshirt's purpose will be murdering your children in front of you, raping and killing your wives, and finally, putting you down amid the ashes of your life.

ANTIFA Kill List

You think they will be punished for this? You think there will be any accountability for the Democrat's murder squads? Hah! As has been proven in the last several months, the Democrat Politicians will call off the police force - there will be noone there to help you as the crowd closes in around your home. Once the deed is done, Democrat Distract Attorneys will drop all the charges against the Progs who slaughtered you and your dearest kin. The press will remain silent, the butchery relegated to a non-descript paragraph hiding on page 32D.

ANTIFA Charged Get Dropped

The law does not protect you anymore. You will get no justice in the courts. The system is beyond repair - it exists now only to stamp out any resistance to it. You will have to harden your life and tear the remains of this nation down. If you lack the will or the courage, then you and every single person you care about will die. You're already tainted and marked - and if there's one constant on this planet, it's that you can't reason with cultists. You confront them, or die in turn.

ANTIFA Kill List
"If they're willing to blatantly steal an election, brazenly and openly, what in the hell do you think they will do if YOU get in their way?"
- A Random Bit of Wisdom

What will you do about this? Answer wisely... and remember:

Your enemies are state-sanctioned. If you protect yourself from them, and are caught doing it, the state will try to lock you in a cage or kill you.

Don't get caught.