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Addressing the "Other Presidents Did it Too" Fallacy.

"Other Presidents Granted Illegal Aliens Amnesty Too!!!"

To our great amusement, we've been watching the media jack-boot-lickers prepping this line of attack for several weeks. Discouraging? Naw. Predictable? Certainly - given that most media and journalist types are, for all intents and purposes, leftist campaign hacks with by-lines.

We would like to remind our constant readers that Equivocation is a fallacy, and "fallacy" is the stock in trade of politicians - and their loyal lap-dogs.

The first thing we'll pounce on is a laughable attempt by Stretch Pelosi to infer that an executive amnesty is somehow "Just like the Emancipation Proclamation."

This is of course is as factually incorrect as it is blisteringly stupid. The Emancipation Proclamation ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY applied to the slave states in open rebellion with the Union. They were a battle-zone, thus, the handling of these regions fell within the established powers of the executive run military as it prosecuted a war. Lincoln's executive order did NOT grant freedom to enslaved blacks in conquered confederate states - or even slave states which did not take up arms. For those blacks, they remained officially designated as "property" until the 13th amendment was ratified, abolishing slavery.

Sorry Nancy, you botoxed pugtastic fuckwit. Apparently, we Americans don't expect our congress critters to know anything about the constitution they allegedly swear to uphold. Or to possess a tenth-grade understanding of history. Additionally, we've also - sadly - forgotten how to mix up a good batch of pine tar.

Now then, on to that "list" which been doing the rounds on PMSNBC, The New York Slimes, Huff'nPuff and the KOS for about 3 weeks... you know... that one which allegedly displays all the Republican presidents who've "enacted executive amnesty?" (History Note: This spreadsheet originally came from the American Immigration Council, and has been torn apart, picked at and bastardized nearly to the point of illegibility by every waistoid to the left of Engels in the last month.)

So let's go over this little "table" shall we? We have a smattering of deferments, some executive actions that were enforcing duly passed legislation or S.C. judgements, and some AG's, (at the behest of their President), who clearly tortured the National Origins Formula and Immigration and Nationality Act to the breaking point - i.e. they refused to enforce the law as written. Those are the "grey areas" where any justification for Jugg-Ear's action is being derived. The LION'S SHARE of that massive list? Why, it's populated by political refugees - aka Asylum Seekers.

Now, to make this "Amnesty" even approach the legal sniff test, Oboloa would need to take the "refugee" rout. Otherwise... the order is a clearly lawless act by a tyrant - at the behest of special interests in both wings of our sham-tastic two party system. Do NOT forget that the RePubicans are complacent in this.

The fact that other criminals - who proceeded you - behaved in a lawless fashion does not provide justification for your behavior. That's the way we here at Deth H.Q. were brought up at any rate. In Mordor on the Potomac, they call that "precedent."

So then... back to this magical list... we weren't aware the current crop of La Raza agitators and looters were refugees seeking Asylum. Imagine our shock when confronted by a huge data-set, pretending to be a justification for amnesty, filled to the brim with folks fleeing certain death at the hands of their government. Or not. Shocked that is. Because leftists hacks and their shit-swilling followers fucking lie and distort as easily as most people breath. To a pinko, informal fallacy is an automated bodily function - like how your intestines process shit and spew it out your asshole.

Now, we've had a discussion with "legal," and Uncle-Hemp reminded us that there are statutes regarding executive privileged when dealing with Asylum seekers. In particular, rules on what defines a "refugee," and how many you can drag in each year. (This total is decided by Congress - and as-sure-as-shit is somewhere well south of five goddamned MILLION beaners).

Actual Legal Text Defining a refugee in the United States:

"A [refugee] is a person who is outside his or her country of nationality (or place of habitual residence if stateless) who, owing to a fear of persecution on account of a protected ground, is unable or unwilling to avail himself of the protection of the state. Protected grounds include race, nationality, religion, political opinion and membership of a particular social group. The signatories to these agreements are further obliged not to return or "refoul" refugees to the place where they would face persecution."

So then... are the Illegal Aliens coming here refugees seeking asylum? Is that what President Peace-Prize is granting? Political Asylum? News to US if such is the case. So we can rule out "Asylum Seeking," and then safely disregard two-thirds of that gawd-awful table. But don't take our word on it... let the red-breasted-skunk-fuckers infesting the White House speak for themselves:

(Courtesy of the "National Immigrant Youth Alliance" - A Pro-Immigration Group):

"Eligible immigrants will have the opportunity to request temporary relief from deportation and work authorization if they come forward and pass criminal and national security background checks, pay their taxes, pay a fee, and show that they are" either a "parent of US citizens or lawful permanent residents on the date of the announcement, are not enforcement priorities and have been in the US since January 1, 2010" or an "individual who arrived in the US before turning 16 years old and before January 1, 2010, regardless of how old they are today."
- White House Statement

Full Document Text HERE.

So then... after again consulting "Legal" - because this mealy-mouthed politico-crypt-o-speak makes as much sense as a drunk Chinaman trying to order off a taco Bell menu in Mandarin - this unilateral decree fast-tracks and facilitates the granting of Green Card requests - AKA Conditional Permanent Residence.

Conditional Permanent Residence Gives the following:
- Welfare Access.
- ACA Coverage.
- Medicare.
- Social Security.
- Federally Subsidized Housing.
- Federally Subsidized Meal Programs.
- Fast-tracks Official Naturalization, aka Citizenship, aka the right to vote.

Read more information on immigration status HERE.

Nope. Barky's offering sure ain't Asylum - and not even that poofing-shit-heap-eunic John Roberts could call these wetbacks "refugees..." not on his most nutless day.

So what we've got here kids, is a pure-on imperial edict. Executive overreach, unique in both it's scope and brazenness - there is ZERO supporting congressional legislation or a Supreme Court verdict being used to validate the action - even superficially. King Barry Dog-eater is truly and epically "off in the weeds."

The closest detail we could find in that muddled spreadsheet to "a unilateral executive declaration of Amnesty" was in 1987. Attorney General Edwin Meese, (at the behest of Ronald Reagan), temporarily lowered the standards for qualifying as a refugee, so as to allow thousands of Nicaraguans into the U.S. as Asylum Seekers. The authority to do this was derived from a tortured interpretation of INS v. Cardoza-Fonseca, 480 U.S. 421.

Legal Says:

"The quotas for that year were most likely unilaterally ignored. Probably an outright violation of the Equal Protections Clause, and anyone with standing could have probably thrown a wrench in the process - if there was incentive to do so. (Read: Monied Interests being advanced by the case)."
- HempRopeAndStreetlight

Other instances floating around in that list, like King Bush the Senile's "Family Fairness Program", Prince Bush the Drunk's "Child Citizenship Act," and ol Rotten Ronnie's 1986 Immigration/Amnesty Act accompanied legislation that started and was passed by congress, making them entirely different from a unilateral imperial decree.

So then...

...sit back.... enjoy the cabaret. Know that all the wall-banging going on in RePubican gentry circles and all the victory doughnuts the DemonRats are spinning right now are nothing but theater to disguise action that was premeditated by all parties.

The Republican "owners" get their cheap labor to depress wages and fight margin compression - plus, Juggears writes their 2016 platform for 'em. Convenient that. King Barry takes the heat, the Neo-Cons tie their own hands and feign rage.

Meanwhile, the Democrats get their replacement and reliably statist voting base, who breed fast - unlike those "disappointing" black folks. Who'd have thought that a party policy of killing millions of your own children might be a tad... self-defeating. Now, don't get the notion we disapprove of dead moonbats... in fact, we not only ENCOURAGE pinko abortions, it's one of the few things we're just FINE with paying taxes for. They're willing... no... happy... to kill their own offspring? Fucking GREAT - saves us the trouble later.

We're pragmatists here.

Every politician in Washington D.C. is more pleased than sewer rats in a vat of cheese paste. And why not? This influx of cheap skilled and unskilled labor makes the big corporatists squee and the Marxists salivate. We'll also toss out the fact that amnesty kills the trade-unions deader than Dickens - which will suite plenty of people on both sides of the political isle just fine. Not that we're fans of organized labor, (what with them being willing commie-tool-bags an all), but we need to point out reality now - so we can slam our schaden-boner in the SEIU Goon's ears later.

Now, all you little Prog-Nazi's... go give yourself some nerdy-hipster-sarcastic high-fives and lie to yourselves - pretend this whole production was anything but a choreographed stage show. And you Neo-cons? Go get all pissed off and pretend your team will "rip this out by the roots." (Just like they did with Obamacare... snicker...)

Know this: No crying will be tolerated here when Mitch-the-Axe McConnell slaps the Omnibus Spending bill on President Drone-kill's imperial desk - Mmmm'k?