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"RESPECT" is Dispensed at the Business End of a Sword

Cultural respect is earned - not given.

The elites who own America only respect - also known as "fear" - cultures clutching their beliefs fervently enough to kill, destroy and\or disrupt the normal social order to advance them. Other, less dogmatic people, are nothing more than serfs - to be brushed aside with no fear of complications or retaliation. Surface nuisances to be disregarded and laughed at within the ranks of "proper company."

If you and the members of your culture are unwilling to be uncivil - and (GASP) even extremely violent - in defense of your values, then you patently don't hold them dearly - and your belief structure deserves to be ground underfoot by those willing assert their will at the point of a sharp stick.

Oh... you voted for your favored false paradigm last election... and you gave some money with pay-pal... bitched on Reddit some... and then signed an internet petition... how sickeningly sweet... how delightfully and wholly... useless.

Yeah that's right - all that pretty much means jack shit. Such supplicance will be weighted by the gentry every bit as much as it deserves to be.

The people destroying your culture are not scared of using coercion, violence, abusing authority and employing the full might of the regulatory state to obliterate you and your fellow "terrorists." (Their words, not ours). If you're unwilling to meet and exceed that violence level, then your culture is unfit, unworthy of existence and deserves its rapidly approaching death.

Force and only force - is met with deference. You disagree constant reader? Do such notions rest poorly with your coddled 18th-place-trophy-winning-upbringing? By all means... prove the contrary... go find us a recent main-stream US newspaper with an uncensored Mohammad cartoon gracing it's innards. Go on... take your sweet time... we'll wait here patiently... while you busily prove our point.

This world is ruled by the unfettered. It always has been. Yes, even the deified founders - who'd happily spit on any society too callow to wage battle in defense of their dearest notions. Middle class white America's propensity to "turn the other cheek" is garbage foisted by schools and churches - and horse shit of the highest order - (with no basis in scripture, reality or even common sense).

You want your beliefs? Fucking act like it. Bleed for them. Make others bleed for them. Destroy for them. If you won't wage war with every tool for your ideals... then settle down like supplicant little peasants, pay your taxes and the whole while... relish your chains. Bow down and accept your cultural death sentence.

The people who forged this country responded to assaults on their culture and liberty by putting musket balls into the bastards tyrannizing them. By sinking East India Trading Company ships in harbor. By burning down warehouses belonging to Lloyd's of London. By the assassination of British parliamentarians. By burning the homes and farms of Tories. They took the war not just to the government assaulting their culture, but to its supporters, businesses and the corporations backstopping the regime.

They did all this. They bled. They killed. They suffered. They destroyed. They died - many pointlessly and without a shred of glory. But they won because of their willingness to upend the entire Goddamned social order... their reward was respect in accordance with the dear price paid - and more importantly... the toll born by their enemies.

How will we show our worthiness to inherent a land bought at such a price?

Update - Some Additional Tips From Daily Pundit:

SteveF over at Daily Pundit had some noteworthy additions, re-posted in full - because they are important:

"I'd add just three things:"

"First, not everyone has it in them to fight, kill, and die. They can support — materially support, not simply tweeting a hashtag — the people who do go out and fight. If nothing else, starve the beast. Leviathan requires huge amounts of tax dollars to go on. Cut your income (or at least your reported income) and thus your income taxes. Work barter deals where you can."

"Second, if you do fight Leviathan, be smart about it. Shooting a cop on the street or trying to punch one of the cops who just knocked down your front door is counterproductive."

"Third, whether or not you fight directly, whether you work solo or get in a group, by all that is holy to you, do not write a manifesto! Have you ever read those things? There's a reason that everyone thinks that anyone who writes a manifesto is a pathetic knob. Don't be a pathetic knob!"
- SteveF

Click HERE to visit his website.

As Concerned American is fond of saying.... "Resist... however you can."

But by God... resist damn it!