Politics & Rants

Amplify and Destroy

We saw a quote a few days ago, and it got us thinking...

"Sometimes giving people exactly what they want is giving them precisely what they deserve..."
- Unknown

What if we start amplifying and weaponizng SJW and sh*t-lib purity spirals against themselves to start bringing down these big companies?

For example - does your mega-corp workplace requires masks? Well then... they're not doing enough! Demand face-shields and those dog-cones from New Jersey. Insist on more ferals in the coder's bull-pen. Agitate for an influx of catty SJW women in management roles. Fight for a UNION! Work towards getting expensive unisex bathrooms to accommodate all the tyrannies, cutting the total number of bathrooms by half in the process.


Be clever about it. Leave notes and small printed posters lying around when nobody is looking. Don't forget - the Prog's defining features are an inability to understand the repercussions of their actions and how easy they are to manipulate. It's time we start using their useful f*cking idiots against them... to accelerate the ruin of enemy institutions.

Help it burn - and marionette the left's retards around to make that happen.

Time to be aggressive and NASTY. We built the system - through our blood, sweat and tears. Every last shred of it. Not them - the left are helpless maggots, feasting off the dead. They are usurpers, not creators. We'll rebuild it all once more - after we tear it down and let them die in the wreckage.


We Will Destroy You All