Politics & Rants

Come Make Us You Child Sniffing Pedo...

The Muppet's handlers have announced their intention to engage in unrestricted and unmitigated civil war against roughly half the U.S. population.

Their terms are regrettable - but acceptable.

Dear Muppet - & Most Especially Its Handlers:

You have targeted our families and our lives for ruin. You use private industry as a cudgel and proclaim your hands bloodless. But we see through your legion of Corporate Hessians. We know the architects of our suffering and who truly holds the leash.

You bark and wave your sticks, promising ruin and death if we resist.

You threaten us.

We do not... react well... to threats...

Your Terms Are Acceptable

This is no shit war-war you assholes are making. There is NO GOING BACK on this. Not now. Not ever. This ends when you or us is gone. Not one second before.

Game on you miserable fucks. May the best civilization win.

War to the Knife