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No More Voting

Georgia On My Mind
"I wonder how many GOP suckers bought into the "don't vote for any of them" scam? I wonder if they'll blame themselves when the fifteen member Supreme Court repeals the First and Second Amendments?"
- Bill Quick

At this point, I think raw accelerationism is the name of the game. We have Trump's 70,000,000 painfully aware of how rotten the timbers of this sagging cabin truly are - many for the first time in their lives. They're awake, and watching in horror as the entire system arrays itself to silence and negate them.

I believe, the best path forward to ENABLE the sh*t-libs in going hog wild. Help them indulge in their every vile and predatory instinct - NOW - while all of these horrified people are laser-focused on the destruction of their freedoms. Get out of the way... LET the progs stack the courts, let them take away the 1st and 2nd amendments - allow them to layer intolerable acts upon unforgivable assaults... while millions watch and stew in their rage.

There is a time for voting and there is a time for slitting throats - and we're so close to the latter the stench of death lingers in the wind. But we need to encourage the progs to overstep too much too quickly, to bask in their arrogance and evil, satanic impulses - while the nerves are frayed and wounds raw.

Help the leftists provide the excuse for killing them all, help them fuel the rage, help them throw sacks upon sacks of needles on the camel until something snaps... and their wickedness is met by the braying dogs of war they so richly deserve.


Now's the moment. We can feel the energy. The smoldering, heartless, vengeful wrath is building. Provoke it. Stoke it. Help these evil bastards stamp their own death warrants.

No More Votes