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Perhaps Our Would-be Tyrants Ought to Notice this Graph...

It was brought to our attention, via Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge that the Associated Press had it's twitter account hacked. The merry-mischief-makers had themselves a fair bit of funnery behind the helm... for example:

Ap Hacked economy died

Ahh, how cute is that? We do so love it when AnonOps decides to twirl a stick in shit - particularly when it's the AP's shit. Now, while we here at Deth H.Q. completely, totally, and whole-hardheartedly approve the message... the US Equity market felt... rather differently...

market goes to shit

It seems the S&P was also not overly amused by the turn of events....

SP Poof

"260,000 S&P 500 e-mini contracts traded in the three minutes following the fake AP Tweet. That is ~$20.4 Billion notional value 'changed hands'. For those with trailing stops, our condolences..."
- Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden goes on to provide a litany of other charts and graphs HERE.

Now, seeing the ridiculous economic damage inflicted by a lone AP missive got our little gears grinding, (as they are want to do at 2:24 AM), and we had an epiphany:

If a ridiculous tweet could cause 20.4 billion dollars in economic damage in three minutes, what impact would a full blown, all out civil war - brought on by some completely fanciful hypothetical... like... say... President Drone-kill using Executive Orders to enact sweeping gun-control - have on our economic system?

Perhaps such news might make for a mildly bad day in the capital markets? What say you Mr. Magic 8-ball?

All signs point to "yes."
- Mr. Magic 8-ball

Ahh, tis as we thought.

Our suspicions confirmed, we then start to ponder how Leviathan will maintain it's world shattering military, hyper-space arsenal, and police state Mall-Ninja Corps when the money games it vampirically feeds from crash down around it?

Yeah... that's quite a bit to ponder as the clock inches towards 3:00 AM. Or... is it 12:00 midnight for the USSA?