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What Will You Do?

Clean Up for The New Year
The Intrepid Reporter

"Time to start cleaning up all that 'old biddness' ya got layin' 'round from the past before 2021 comes to bite us in the ass. I mean let's be real... Next year is gonna make this year look laid back and mellow by comparison."
- Big Country Expat

Big Country is ringing the bell, and everyone in earshot ought to be listening. It's time to get all of your affairs in order. (Well, late to the party, well past time, but you better start now - literally - TODAY).

Think worse case here folks - wills, back-up cash, important documents, preps laid in, weapons, get secure, get safe. Nashville is/was just a warning shot. Things start spiraling from here on out.

Understand that Trump is not going to ride in on a magical unicorn and save everyone. Fancy stories about Delta Force Fighting CIA Black Ops and space lasers are fiction. There is NOBODY coming to save you. Thieving-Jo and his pet Street-sh*tter take the keys to the tanks in a few days - and by God they mean to use'em.

Those still still clinging to missed deadline after deadline, waiting for "the plan" to unfold need grow up and get their live's sorted. NOW. (You're late!) Especially those of you with kids. Your children look up to you, you are their entire world... and their lives - literally rest upon your shoulders. If you f*ck around, if you're foolish or lazy... your little ones perish. That's the stakes in play.

I get that most folks unwilling to die or fight FEDGOV directly - very few ever are in any revolution. But you have all been warned for years what's coming - and you need to protect those you love. You MUST. It is imperative. Get your sh*t straight, batten down the hatches, and start thinking folks.

FUSA 2021

Thought Exercise:
Power's Out.
Water's Out.
Gas's Out.
Cell Phone's Out.
Internet's Out.

What. Will. You. Do?

And no, "sit on your ass and watch your kids freeze to death," is not an acceptable f*cking reply. Think. We're all adults here. Get off your can and start getting things ready for bad bad BAD times. The worst times. Probably the worst times in north of a century.

I'm pleading with you all... on my knees... with tears in my eyes here. Normalcy bias sh*ts the bed in 2021 - don't be on the sticky end of it.

FUSA 2021