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Dear Government: Consent Revoked

Ahhh another week, another slice of the FUSA burned to charcoal.

One thing to keep in mind: It's quite possible for all involved parties to be complete scum, deserving of every bad thing they get. From the trigger-happy Pigs to the looters "liberating" fine malt liquor brew from "cracka-oppression." The phrase "Fuck them all and let it burn," is by no means an inappropriate response to the entire fracas.

But let's not forget how we ended up with smoldering cities...

From corrupt judges rubber stamping abuse, to abusive District Attorney's cherry picking lives to destroy, to the police shooting, beating, looting and generally doing anything they damn well please, (with near-zero accountability), the "reasonable authority figures" have destroyed people's faith in the system. This escalating breakdown of the civil society is the inevitable result of a population giving up on a city - and to a greater extent, a nation. And why shouldn't they? America has proven itself irredeemably corrupt from the highest federal office to the lowliest animal control officer. Anyone can peruse the daily news and witness all manner of public institutions weaponized to harm the population and ransacked to enrich the gentry. There is no justice to be found here, only oppression and decimation of any unlucky enough to come to Mordor's attention.

When a people witnesses every level of government, from national to state to the local municipalities engaged in shameless lies, graft, corruption and abuse of power, it scuttles their mandate to dispense order. It's also leading by example - every strata of our failing political system is mired in deceit and fraud - why would the citizenry not follow such sterling examples? But most of all, these serial debasers have disintegrated the government's legitimacy - by repeatedly demonstrating that us serfs cannot expect justice through systemic participation. Those with no peaceful redress will revert to older, more brutal paradigms. They WILL have accountability in one form or another, and it will be both ugly and inaccurate. Those who de-legitimatize a social compact never consider that... until they're dangling from an overpass sign.

We're witnessing the consent to govern being revoked. Only the population at large can maintain order. The feds are a handful compared to the landmass and population, and are powerless in the face of civil unrest. Police forces cannot hope to keep a peaceful society running absent the compliance of the residents - and they never ever could. Once, in the misty days of yore, the cops understood that reality. Somewhere along the line, they abandoned that universal truth, and horse-traded the citizenry's good will for MRAPS, military weapons, digital print plate carriers and night-vision goggles. Now, as the United States unravels, the jackboots find ballistic shields and black-nylon a poor substitution for their district's faith.

Round and round we go, and "the fool's bandaged finger waggles back into the fire" yet again. How right Rudyard Kipling was on the nature of mankind. We seem incapable of true growth, cyclically repeating the same follies over and over.

Parting note: You think this is bad? Wait till the middle class gets disillusioned and pissed off enough to involve themselves in the bedlam. When the poor riot, cities burn. When the middle class has had enough... nations crumple and the pillars of heaven shake. As Old Remus said... "Death and slaughter won't just be in play, they will be a metric," and rest assured, they will be carried out with a robotic level of efficiency and mercilessness that will horrify proceeding generations.

You all ain't seen nothing yet.