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If You Took That Shot, You are a Stupid Goddamned Idiot


I'm going to be square with some of you folks. If you rolled up your sleeve, and counted yourself among the millions of brain-dead lab-rats, congratulations - you're a simpleton. Put on your dunce cap, dance the moron jig and sit your retard ass down. (And for fuck's-sake, be silent).

You are utterly beneath me. To say I look down on you servile fucking rubes with contempt is an understatement of galactic proportions. You're the sorts of boot-lickers who "eat the bugs" and like them, and you have no place in my company.

Even worse, many of you were sanctimonious Goddamned pricks about the whole affair. Water under the bridge? Hah! Eat SHIT, take ALL OF YOUR BOOSTERS and fuckin' DIE. Preferably screaming.

"Forgive us!"
"No. They die. Fuck economies of scale. Their punishment can be a life's work."
- Unknown

You enrolled yourselves in a medical experiment for NPR ass-pats and Twitter likes! Good job cretins! You injected a substance which has storied track-record of lethal animal experiments - not to mention utterly fraudulent and ramshackle human testing! And let's not forget that the companies administering this witch's brew were given complete freedom from civil liability. (And have such s stellar track record for safety and ethics!).

Good luck in court you stupid, stupid nimrods. (Read: Walking corpses).

P.S. This is what killed and is killing off your parents. Blah blah blah... you'll, (impotently), rage at me, when you should be gutting Pfizer employees in their bedrooms.

Drag them from their guilded beds and beat them to death.

(It's to our eternal shame that the abolive illustration is fictional).


Let's Have Some "Fun"

Now then, close your imbecile mouths... I'm going to educate you. And again, if you're too Goddamned programmed to see the truth as it kills your mom and pops - neck yourself. You're at BEST a serious liability in what's coming. At your worst, you're an active threat who goes into the trenches alongside the bastards who did this. No headstone. Just a shovel of quicklime and a bulldozer's engine for a funeral dirge.

Look at this little firmware update, (for you), from our owners:

Time for your new brain upload drones...

(Do you blathering numskulls now understand the pivot that's coming?)

"Oh... by the way... you all fucked up your hearts... and we killed you parents. OOPSIE! Our bad! Oh well... at least you can't sue us - eh? Better luck next life you bugs!"
- A Pfizer Executive (probably)

In my darker moments, having seen how stupid all of you are, I can understand why our masters consider you wholly dispensable cattle. Look how easily you were all duped. How valuable can you possibly be when you're this fucking dumb?

(Fuck... I wrote dialog trees in the Iceblink engine with more complexity than most of you lamentable clods).

The taskmasters knew what they were doing. From the outset. The evil bastards pushing this massive gene-therapy experiment, (not "vaccine" you wretched dunderheads), fully understood the dangers and risks - to YOU. But hey, Pfizer exempted their employees, and the rich and powerful got all manners of escape hatches. It's not like people of any actual value were in danger.

Death? Disability? Chronic Illness? Cancer? Thrombotic mayhem? That's your job...

...you sniveling little guinea pigs.

And now... now they've snarfed up unfathomable amounts of raw data on mRNA therapy, (and astronomical sums of wealth), from the largest human clinical trial in history. Of course, the expected side-effects are snuffing out Me-Maw, and little Jimmy while he plays soccer. Oh well... eggs... omlettes and all that rot - amiright guys? Guys?

Oh... we lost another one.




GRIDS-ware Update Ver. 2.3: Mistakes Were Made:

Let's go see what they'll plug into your little hamster-brains to smooth out the wrinkles...

Forgive & Forget is NOT on the Table

My Wood-chipper is named "Amnesty..."

So what if your daughter tipped over from Pericarditis at show-choir. And maybe you allowed yourself to be muzzled like a groveling dog. (Some of you were even proud of your absolute servile cowardice - hahaha you smarmy faggots). What's a few million ruined marriages, lost houses and destroyed businesses in the face of THE SCIENCE!!!!

Let's all just make up and be friends!1111111111 I mean... there's no way the dolts in the media, (who are paid to lie), the scientists, (who knew better), the doctors, (who knew and were cowards), and our political caste, (who enacted every tyrannical fever-dream they'd slobbered over for decades), can be held accountable for destroying the fucking world.

The hive-mind has spoken. Be a good little goy, do as you're told and make nice with the people who flat out murdered your Uncle.

(Yeah, fuck that - and fuck you gibbering fatheads. You sat there while your programmers pissed on your face and told you it was a refreshing spring drizzle. And you lapped it up like a mutt licking his own shit).


Right in the Feelz:

Be me for a hot minute. You've spent decades telling - no... SHOWING - your closest friends the lies and clownshit sprayed into their minds by the media on behalf of the tribe. Those same "friends" seemed to acknowledge the ludicrous and bombastic nature of the non-stop falsehoods.

You, (me), show them obvious fraud in the elections. Government organized color revolutions. Financial systems constructed on cards and lies. Unspeakable sexual depravity and state sponsored assassinations.

Despite all this - the shared understanding that our lizard-kings are bald-faced hucksters - the moment life gets serious, you watch, aghast, as most of your witless friends display an awe inspiring lack of self-agency.

One good shock and "poof" - the wet-ware's been rebooted. Back to trusting the evil, pernicious, lie-spewing fucks we were laughing at only weeks before.

"I'd burn this whole Goddamned planet to ashes for what I believe in."
- SilverDeth

Imagine how that feels - watching your ill-informed, down-syndrome pals, who you dearly loved - commit suicide one by one. Worse, having many of them look down on you - taking unrestrained pride in prostrating themselves at the feet of creatures they know to be charlatans.

Now, take it further. Let's pretend this cost you not only your downie pals, but also your home and career. And basically every penny and possession you had. And much of your family.

Imagine lying to your few remaining pals about how much money you have, because you know damn well they'd hurt themselves, (and their kids), to bail your ass out?

You fucks are surprised I dumped your retard asses? You forget your worth. I took a stand and walked out on the most important things a man can possess in this entire world.

Where the blue FUCK do you think YOU rate on that scale?

Wow... the dummies really killed themselves...

Wow... the dummies really killed themselves...

Am I angry? Mad? Vengeful? Ha. If only. I'm far beyond simplistic notions like "upset" or "furious." I now inhabit a region where only rivers of blood and a mountain of corpses - brutalized with a savagery that will forever redefine "wrath" - will sate my rage.

I want every last person involved in this abomination dead. Those who deliberately orchestrated it must know horrors of the flesh that words cannot properly navigate. The mere participants must perish by the Baker's-dozen, and find their way into ditches and wells.

The fools who injected themselves with untested gene therapies...

...well, they chose their own fate - didn't they? There's nothing I'd see done to them they didn't inflict on themselves.

You injected man-made horrors beyond your comprehension. Gaze into the mirror to see the ultimate architect of your suffering.



Don't you dare proffer any excuses to me. "I was afraid for my job." "I was scared of what my spouse would think!"

Fuck you, you despicable, craven babies. Your shame is tattooed across you souls for eternity. You now know, without a shred of doubt, that you're no different than the commie shit-heaps that starved 20,000,000 Russians to death - or the drones who helped kill ten times that number in China.

History called for you to stand up - to speak out... to not comply. Instead you Goddamned cringed. You did what known liars told you to. Some of you even believed them - despite their proven track record of dishonesty.

"They build their own prisons of flesh and scream endlessly at those who try to jailbreak them."
- Trevor Goodchild

Understand... I hate you lurching cretins because of your unrelenting dumbfuckery. But I can never forgive you because you're spineless candy-asses.

No balls.

History called. You cringed like self-absorbed pussies.

Kill yourselves.

Or don't. Your clot-shots'll reap you eventually.

This is you.

(What's wrong - a bit too close to home? Tough shit. I'm burning bridges).


And Now... A Link Dump:

I know you're too brainwashed to actually read any of this. But here you go. This is fucking why you buried your parents.

Age-stratified Infection Fatality Rate of COVID-19
Injection Making Infections Worse
Injections Causing Cancer & Resurgence
100% of Injected Tested Positive for Heart Damage
Cancer Resurgence a Common COVID Injection Side-Effect
Senator's Letter Regarding Military Injection Reactions
Military Injection Injuries Spike
Confirmation the Injections Kill Brain & Heart Cells
Irreparable Heart Damage Caused By Injection
Democratic Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated
Role of Spike in Pathogenic and Antigenic Behavior of Omicron
Mortality Higher After Injection
CDC Deliberately Ignoring Data
VAERS Not Over-reporting
FDA Withholding Autopsy Results on those Killed by Injections
Israel Discovered Safety Problems - Deliberately Covered them Up
Alberta Canada Deleting Deawth Records of People Killed by the Injection
Pfizer Trial Six Month Report - The Injection Caused Deaths and Injuries
Pfizer Trial Six Month Report - Shows No Medical Benefit to the Shot
VAERS - Hundreds of Serious Adverse Events Hidden
Actuarial Data Connects excess Deaths to Injections
COPE: "Just think how much worse it could be..."
mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients
Injection Reaction
Increase in Reactivated Viruses Following Booster
Ivermectin Has 'Antiviral Effect' Disease
Queen Treated with Ivermectin
Bad Jab Reactions - Should be News?
This Is Your Kindred Now
2,000 Infant Deaths After Injections
Excess Mortality Hits 16%
Myocarditis Commercials for Children
Why You are Getting Sick and Cancer Post Vax
Boosters for Young Adults: Risk-Benefit Assessment
Effects of Injection and Previous Infection on Children
Original Antigenic Sin

This is you.

(I felt like destroying something beautiful).