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Voting will NOT Fix What Ails the United States

Over the last several days, a great many folks took quite the sucker-punch when it became common knowledge that both Scott Walker and Ted Cruz hold a stance on King Barry's amnesty that's all but indistinguishable from good ol'Jebster. If we could harness the collective wind sucked from people's sails, we'd be able to power a faster-than-light spacecraft.

Bill Quick, of Daily Pundit had a few comments:

"Cruz is trying to finesse the issue on the head-of-the-pin qualifications about citizenship. From a GOP point of view, that may make good sense: If they aren't citizens they can't vote, and hence, in theory, would not upset the current political balance of power in a Democrat direction."

"But once they are legalized, giving them citizenship will become the next great Democrat crusade, and I have no confidence in any Republicans to resist. For their own reasons - and this apparently includes Cruz as well - they believe the illegal alien horse is forever out of the barn, and unless they feed it sufficient hay, it will trample them to death."
- Bill Quick

The powers that be - from the politicos to the bankers to the investors to the business tycoons - want cheap, shitty worker bees. The Chamber of commerce desires to offload government imposed healthcare costs back on the government. The captains of industry want cheap disposable wetbacks to pick their crops and kludge together their ocean of chip-board McMansions. The politicians want voting drones more "amicable" to statist initiatives, who will broaden the tax base enough to prop up the Social Security lie a decade or so more. Meanwhile, the financial caste, who keep the "CNBC double-plus-UN-approved-numbers" on America's dire economic reality, view this influx of cheap slaves as a way to stave off the coming economic train-wreck a few more years.

"Either way, I'm deeply disappointed. Even the supposedly "conservative" political sites that review politicians don't make it very clear what Cruz's policy on illegals really is. And, bottom line, it is scamnesty."
- Bill Quick

Sweet-jumping-Jack-flash! Why... it's almost as if folks are being scammed! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled!

In reality, most sites and pundits lack Bill's logic and intellectual integrity. They've thrown in with Ted or Scott or Jeb, and by God, they will go down swinging - facts, honesty and consistency be damned. The skinny is, most of these putative conservatives ain't so different from the DemonRat Prog-Nazi's they so loath. When someone like Quick stands up, and points out the stupidity of the whole sham, expect him to be attacked by the "pragmatic-adult-squad" for being a "true-con," and "unreasonable."

Fuck pragmatists. The Nazi's were Goddamned pragmatists. How well did that shit work out for the western world?

"So, as I mentioned earlier today, Ted Cruz's policy regarding amnesty for illegal aliens is essentially identical to that of all the other major GOP candidates, including Jeb Bush. What it boils down to is "Let them stay if they're already here." Oh, sure, there are differences - let them stay and become citizens, or bar them from that (how, once you've agreed they can stay), but basically, the bottom line is the same. Millions, maybe tens of millions, of illegal aliens legalized overnight."

"Which leaves me without a candidate, if scamnesty is my unbreakable litmus test issue."
- Bill Quick

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Disappointment beyond rage has spread about the blogosphere and amongst our kin and colleges. No grand expressions of anger or Misha-inspired literary explosions. Instead, a collective shrug - a grim realization that we are all well and truly fucked. One could hear a pin drop - the stillness a by-product of the sad peace made with a single salient fact... there is absolutely no voting ourselves out of this mess.

We here at Deth H.Q. forever swore off voting as a useful panacea for America's illness. Partially because we view the entire system as illegitimate, and partly because the United States as envisioned is dead. The rotted visage shambling about, sucking the marrow from it's citizens is a parody of the founders dream - corrupted, twisted, certainly not resting in piece, but no less a corpse for it.

The time is fast approaching when the citizenry will need to decide - dissolution and secession, (and every last detestable act such a divorce will entail), or meekly settling back to make the best of our chains. Neither course will be pleasant, and regardless of how we choose, the tales of what comes next will be written in tears and blood.

Prepare accordingly.