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DAoC: Deth Guild User Interface Updates

Dark Age of Camelot
Posted By: SilverDeth on June 2, 2023
Catagory: Dark Age of Camelot

The Deth Guild Dark Age of Camelot User Interface has been updated with fixes to the reported window tiling issues. Additionally, the images and icon sets have been further optimized for superior performance in hectic realm vs. realm conditions.

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Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Save Added

Misc. Games
Posted By: SilverDeth on May 25, 2023
Catagory: Misc. Games

Sacred Stones is a wonderful addition to the Fire Emblem library. This save features every support conversation and BGM unlocked, as well as a perfect Creature Campaign file, complete with the secret characters and a massive arsenal of the game's finest equipment.

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Magical Item Cards Update: Figurines

Dungeons & Dragons
Posted By: SilverDeth on May 1, 2023
Catagory: Dungeons & Dragons

The AD&D Miscellaneous Magical Items Section has been updated with a new sub-section: Figurines of Wondrous Power. Please feel free to enjoy the "pets in a pocket."

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Goal Tenders

Posted By: SilverDeth on April 24, 2023
Catagory: Rants

People are easily steered. Managed like cattle - I never realized how much so until the last few years. Self agency in most folks is a sick illusion. And here we go again...

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Fuck All of You

Posted By: SilverDeth on April 18, 2023
Catagory: Fagcine

Do You Feel Like a Fucking Moron Yet?

What's the matter? Too many zero-agency, NPC sheeple dying?

As for those of you too stupid - or piss-bellied - to decline an obvious farce? (And in all probability, a dangerous one at that).. I can do nothing for you. You chose your fate. Enjoy your cancer, clotting, fucked immune system and heart damage. And piss off.

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