Dark Age of Camelot

Deth Guild DAoC User Interface

Dark Age of CamelotThis is the home of the Deth Guild Dark Age of Camelot User Interface. The objective is to create a light-weight, RvR centric console which keeps your important info and command options easy reach for rapid battlefield response.

Critical scalers, statistic percentages, maps and combat info are easily readable and centralized, to improve reaction speed and preserve as much visibility as possible.

The Custom Icon Pack is a standard part of the UI but also available as a separate download. It merges the best of the old and new - rather than the pastel cluster-fuck that are the standard graphics. In the heat of combat, well defined and easy to differentiate skill buttons are more useful than standardized icons.

Hosted Material:
Deth Guild Dark Age of Camelot User Interface VER. 3.0- (2.78 MB)
Deth Guild Dark Age of Camelot Icon Pack - (855 KB)

Screen Gallery: