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Now the Greeks Have the Right Idea!

Originally posted by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge:

“Now that Europe is clearly unfixed once more, it is time to shift attention back to broke Greece where as we showed yesterday things are certainly back to the “new normal” with 24 hour strikes again on the daily agenda. And just to keep it real, Greek police reported that the new Greek Finance Minister received a care package with just two contents earlier today: a bullet and a death threat.”

    From Reuters:
    Greece’s finance minister was sent a bullet and a death threat from a group protesting home foreclosures, police officials said on Monday, in the latest incident to raise fears of growing political violence. The package was sent by a little-known group called “Cretan Revolution”, which warned the minister against any efforts to seize homes and evict homeowners, police sources said. The group sent similar letters to tax offices in Crete last week. Yannis Stournaras, a respected economist who became finance minister in June, has angered many Greeks by championing austerity policies demanded by the European Union and International Monetary Fund as the price for bailout aid.

“It was unclear as of this posting how the mainstream media will spin the particular development in Greece as favorable for the economy, and supportive of all time highs in the S&P. We will provide an update once we know the answer.”
– Tyler Durden

Read the entire thing HERE.

The peasantry world-wide is getting feisty. What-ever is a centrally managed soft tyranny to do!

Couple pissed off Greeks, with the virtual riots in Portugal, the REAL riots in Spain, the Irish preparing to dig up their old IRA ordinance, and France looking every bit the financial basket case it is, and we project there will be some exciting reading in history books regarding this era for our progeny. (Assuming there are any).

Good times. Good times.

Hey… have we mentioned that about, oh… yesterday was a good time to lay in some supplies? You know… just in case…

“Not in the last 15 minutes,”
 you say? Well, consider that problem amply rectified. Maybe this time you’ll take our advice, and get down to COSTCO or SAM’S CLUB before their entrance parrots a booth selling 30 round AR magazines…

It’s funny for us to smugly rib our readers with a glib “told ya so” when those who ignored prescient advice get to pay panic prices of $1.25 (per cartridge), for .233 Remington. The mirth fades when they’re cutting up their shoes and feeding the leather to their kids.

“Mmmmmmm Sketchers again! Yay!!! Dibs on the tongue…”

That makes us here at DETH H.Q. very unhappy.
Please don’t make us unhappy.
You wouldn’t like us when we’re unhappy.

Make us happy. Get some rice, some beans, maybe some ramen, and a few flats of water. Perhaps a few cartons of spam or tuna fish if you feel really elaborate. We don’t ask much. If we are wrong, (and by God we pray we are), then you have some cheap food you can… well… eat.