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Challenge Accepted

Someone at work a few days ago said there was little to no evidence that some of the things I have talked with him (Econ) have any merit. Well, very little if any. He wanted some proof that he could research himself. Challenge accepted. I pulled together some of my favorite econ videos (A few non-econ) to send his way. Figure I would post it in case someone else ever wanted a one stop shop for those just starting to wake up.

Kyle Bass – Simply my favorite economist. Straight, to the point, fact based, no bullshit hedge fund guy. You can enjoy some of my favorites HEREHEREHERE, or HERE

Bill Still – What can I say about Bill. The man simply knows what he is talking about when it comes to Government, History, and monetary policy.

The secret of OZ – HERE

The Money Masters – PART1PART2

Chris Martenson – Natural Resources, Exponential Growth, Economy

Unfixable – HERE

David M. Walker – Former Comptroller General of the U.S. Left his position in government to our and warn of the dangers up the upcoming economic challenges.

Crossroads – HERE

Catherine Austin Fitts – Wall-street and how they play the middle man. They are a parasite. Can be viewed HERE

Peter Schiff – Sometimes the rants can be redundant. But, when in front of a larger audience, he can do a great job of explaining things from the ground up. Here are two examples of this HERE, and HERE

Steven Molyneux – His facial expressions alone are worth watching.



Casey Research


LIBERTARIAN and Global Perspective

Just Starting Newbs – This is my beginning newbs area. Sometimes the links above can be a little overwhelming and they need to start light. Here are some people can digest a little better…

     Occupy Movement – Sometimes they are just pissed off and don’t know why. The talking heads have them blaming capitalism. Remember, occupy folks have a short attention span. Here is a short 10 min video to send their way. Capitalism isnt the issue. Daniel Hannon at Oxford University HERE

     HighSchool – How to help kids understand banks and money creation. HERE

     Crash Course on Bubbles HERE

     Austrian vs. Keynesian economics Rap video HERE

     Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis HERE

     Chris Hedges – A more liberal take on things if this is all they can stomach. General Topics HERE

Other Topics – Just a few links that seem to always seem to pop back up from time to time

     Originalist vs. Activist – Understanding of constitutional interpretation HERE and HERE

     Fack CheckGunsGas PricesPetro-Dollar

     RNC & DNC Rigged Teleprompters – Sheep, all of them HERE


Foreign Policy Predictions in 2002

Farewell Speech 2012-2013